Hand-rail (safety device)

 Had the (salt-water proof) Alloy hand rail put ALL round the boat and had small 'steps' welded to the rear of each side of the hull, so if I went over, or diving, it would be easier to get back in 

Real reason is to keep the Croks out when chasing big Barra up in the Kimberly creeks or rivers !!

Thinking about filling in the first (or is it the second) gap in the handrail with more blue tarp material, was put there to try and stay a bit dryier in rough conditions 


 Can just get into back of boat when on trailer, height of alloy bar had to be 'adjusted' so it was 'comfortable' to slide across, or go safely between legs 



 Small flat step placed each side assists with getting onto tinney from shore when pushed out- is level with hull underneith.

Now how do I get rid of the 'advertising signs' put there by the retailer 



  Maîneÿ . . .


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