Harvey dam, trout and perch?

hey guys thinking of camping for a night and doing some freshwater fishing.

whens the best time of the year to catch trout? Winter or summer? And is harvey dam usually good? Where else? I hear upstream bunbury gets a crazy amount of red fin.





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Fri, 2016-07-01 11:49

Harvey dam is closed to fishing until September.
Logue brook is open all year. Check the rules before you go as a lot of waterways are closed from today until September.

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 Ahh thats disapointing. Whys

Fri, 2016-07-01 13:25

 Ahh thats disapointing. Whys that?



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 And you need a freshwater

Mon, 2016-07-04 06:02

 And you need a freshwater licence.

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Fri, 2016-07-01 17:25

 The season closes for breeding and restocking.Logue brook fishes well all year round,Spinning celtas or hardbody lures works well.If you have the energy park at the cattle loading spot about half way up the hill to the dam and walk down the valley to the stream,it changes from mountain creek to a slow moving larger stream with deeper pools.You will be suprised at the size of some of the rainbows in the deeper sections


just do it.

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logues brook

Fri, 2016-07-08 15:26

 About 30 years ago the trout assoc largest rainbow of the season came from below the dam.  I would be checking regs though before 1st Sept as the stream below the dam is likely closed although the dam itself would be open.