Heading south for a winter fish

Hi all,

A few friends and I with our Partners, are thinking of heading down a few hours south of Perth (between Manduarh and bunbury) in a couple of weeks.


I am just wanting your educated information relating to the areas down south that has a number of things such as the list below:


Can you please fill me in on: 


(1)Location to go (rivers/dams/streams) for redfin or trout

(2)Camping (near by)

(3)Fishing either rivers or dams

(4)Best type of bait or lure/rig that you would suggest trying.

(5)Speicies of fish that are on the hunt this time of year


Any info or advise would be much appreciated.


Thanks all. Look forward to hearing from you.


PM's also accepted if you dont want to disclose any details to the wide public. I will respect your infomtion.



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have a look at denmark, u

Wed, 2012-05-30 14:56

have a look at denmark, u have the hay river ( very good for bream) and also u have the inlet there which has some nice kgw and flathead, plus there is a camp sight in denmark also,

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Wed, 2012-05-30 15:10

Thanks a million for the heads up on that.


I will look into that area for the next trip, where It will be just me an the men.


I do defenitly want to get into some decent Kgw at some stage soon, good for the table and great sport on light tackle.


Always nice to have options.


Thanks Andy.


If you think of any more info, I would gladly take it on board.


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We will be down at Harvey Dam

Sat, 2012-06-02 19:49

We will be down at Harvey Dam on Sunday for a fish , see if the cold weather has enticed the trout (if any still there) back closer to shore rather than down deeeeeep .



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Hows it going

Wed, 2012-06-06 12:20

Howd you get on at the dam on sunday Mike?


Any signs of life down there at all? If you want to share the days report by all means you can PM me.

I would love to hear the news about the trout been back in action. Specially with the cold weather as you state, they will be back closer to the shoreline.



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Didnt get any or see any

Sat, 2012-06-09 19:51

Didnt get any or see any trout , caught one reddy at the end of the day , went for a swim ,f ing freezing but i wasnt leaving my lure on that darn tree :).

Water is so much lower than when we were there last year, about 25 feet lower in fact , was a great day though and will be back down there for a fly fish before the season ends at the end of this month.



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At least you didnt blank for

Mon, 2012-06-11 13:38

At least you didnt blank for the day. One reddy better than no reddy. That swim sounds painful.

But if the lure was worth it, what harm. After a hard days graft fishing an chuckin lures around there at least you got to cool down fairly quick. haha


Im surprised to hear the water was so low, with the rain we had over the past few days im sure that will rise a little for you.


There is not many places to go fly fishing over in WA i found.

I am dying to get into fly fishing again but i find its so difficult to get a decent place to get out an about to flick a few casts at.


Do you fly fish much yourself? Is that dam the only place you would recommend to try? Cant believe the season is endin at the end of the month. Suppose we just have to stick to the lures for the reddy's.