heavy jig recommendations

for all you deep jiggers again

what are your go to jigs, for the deeps,  4-550 gram sizes

heard the andamans are good , but any other suggestions welcome

will be needing to get a few in




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definitely talk to oceanside

Wed, 2011-11-30 10:20

definitely talk to oceanside tackle :) they have a gd range of deep jigs for bottom dwellers and sambos etc tell them the depth u wanna fish and u will get the right advice for the type of fish u want to target....so far i havnt got a jig in my box that hasnt caught fish :)


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Zest superdeep, lj nasout

Wed, 2011-11-30 11:24

Zest superdeep, lj nasout 550g, daiwa speed grande all work.


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Super Deep Jigs

Wed, 2011-11-30 11:27

Thanks Brad, grayzee we have a good range of jigs and for super deep jigging ie 300m plus for Bass/Hapuku/Blue-eye/Ruby etc you want 600g plus and keeping in mind 600g is 21.5oz approx so convert that to a sinker weight its not much


The Andaman 600g are great jigs, for a low priced quality jig the 600g Boogie Walk is excellent value at $53.95 (FW price)

We have coming in soon 750g & 1kg super deep jigs also so when the current is running fast you can still jig the super deep.


Andaman 600g


Boogie Walk 600g


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As Oceanside said

Wed, 2011-11-30 14:45

As Oceanside mentioned!!! My go to jigs would DEFENTLY be the Andaman 600g+ the deep trophy fish just can't help themselves when a Andaman jig goes past there face... You will not be dissapointed Grayzee!!!! But if your going no deeper than say 250m just for sambo's and ambers use cheaper jigs because of our shark problem atm as you would probly already know..


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