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 Hi guys,

I’ve been reading the forums for the last year or so and love it. I’ve purchased a boat a couple of months ago and I’m finding a lot of conflicting info in regards to sounder setup. I’d love a few pointers on setting up my Lowrance elite 7 please. I’m currently fishing in 25 - 50m depths. Please see the pic to see how I’ve got the sounder setup at the moment. I’m also running the ping speed at 13. 

Any advice would be greatly appreciated and Thanks in Advance



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 I would set your frequency

Mon, 2018-06-25 09:49

 I would set your frequency to 200KHz, 200KHz is what you want for the depth your fishing. 

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Mon, 2018-06-25 10:00

The black rain is sensitivity,treat it like a vol switch loud or soft.I would also look at the setting for the trany is it set to the right trany unit in the setup menu.


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 Cheers lads. They will be

Mon, 2018-06-25 10:30

 Cheers lads. They will be the first things I do when I plug the sounder in next time I head out

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Sat, 2018-06-30 23:18

Moondog hahahahaha