Hillarys Boat Harbour help

Hi everyone,

Brand new member here. My name is Ken and I'm from Toronto, Canada.

My sister and I are taking a trip to Perth and we are there for three full days from Dec 3 to Dec 5, 2010. I'm arriving at 5:30am on Dec 3 and I'm leaving at 8am on Dec 6th.

I'm staying at Karrinyup Water Resort and I will be taking a sambo jigging trip with Bluejucie. Unfortunately, I should have read here earlier and booked a trip with Saltwater instead Embarassed Oh well...live and learn. I hope they can find some fish and find some less sharky spots.

I want to know if anyone can help me with some fishing techniques. I plan to put all my concentration on Hillary Boat Harbour since I only have 3 days to fish (and likely I will only have a few hours each day). I hope to catch something new...anything that I have not caught before. I read there are herring, whiting and maybe bream? Are there any other fish like wrasse and other small reef fish off the jetty?

What are blowies? I assume they are blowfish aka pufferfish?

I would really appreciate as much help as you can give. If you feel like showing a visiting angler a good time, I will gladly jump on any free seat on your boats if you are going out jigging for sambos...mind you I will definitely need to borrow gear and I have not done this before you you will be dealing with a total noob to jigging. I am prepared to pay charters $220 for a seat, so if I come fishing with you, I am prepared to chip in for costs like gas and launch fee if there are any.

On the other hand, if you wish to meet up at the jetty for a bit of landbased fishing, I'd love the opportunity to learn from the locals Laughing

If you would like to meet up, please message me your phone number and I can try to give you a ring. I am leaving Toronto tomorrow and I may or may not have internet access for a few days. If I have your number, I can still call you on Dec 3 when I land in Perth Laughing

Thanks guys.

Before I leave, I'd like to share a bit of my travels and fishing with you good folks here.

I went to a workshop in France in September and did a little fishing early in the morning and late at night (since we had all day lecture sessions). I caught my first ever European seabass.

Also caught a bunch of these little combers when I took some personal time to travel in Greece and Italy before the workshop.

Last year in September I went to a conference in Georgia, USA. I met up with a friend from an internet fishing board and he took me fishing in the saltwater marsh for red drum.

I drove down to Florida the day after my conference and fished on one of the charter boats for snappers and amberjacks. Here's my first and only amberjack...about 25 inches and 10lbs?

On the way back from Georgia, I stopped in Long Island to visit a friend and we fished Montauk hard for 24 hours straight for striped bass and bluefish (tailor). We found the best fishing for striped bass at 3am about 3km hike away from the main access on the beach. Super trip and one of my most memorable.

Last year I took a trip to Hawaii to visit my grandma and uncles. I have made some friends in Hawaii on a past trip and we meet up to go fishing again. Todd has invited me on his boat a number of times. He taught me a little about fishing the bluewater. We don't always do well, but we got lucky with a 46lb mahimahi in 2009 and a 120lb yellowfin tuna in 2007.

In 2008, I went to British Columbia, Canada to visit an ex-co-worker of mine (now good friend). We took a charter to fish for white sturgeon. Action was very slow but we did catch a nice sturgeon each.

Took three of us to hold this fish for a picture...but it is Kazu's fish and not mine.

Just something completely different...I love icefishing and when I get home from Perth, we should have safe ice by then. Here's some icefishing action from last year.

Lake Whitefish

Lake Trout (always look a fool in these pics LOL)

Just a wee Northern Pike fishing in a pond at my buddy's place.

Anyways, I love sharing pics and fishing experiences. Hope you like the pics. Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to show off. I just love to share fishing experience with people I meet.

Hopefully I can maybe meet up with a couple of you while I'm in Perth. I'm there on the weekend so maybe some of you are free Laughing

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Nice pics there mate

Tue, 2010-11-23 22:22

If you want th elow down on Hillarys, read Colin Hay's article on Hillarys. Its in Issue 1 of the free Reeltime mag.


You can find it here just click on the contents button at the bottom and then click on teh hillarys article.


Good luck.



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welcome to the site. always

Tue, 2010-11-23 23:28

welcome to the site. always good to see what sort of fish are caught in other parts of the world. hope the trip over will be one to remember for you. would be great to see you with a big sambo in your arms. good luck


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Some nice fish there! I

Wed, 2010-11-24 07:04

Some nice fish there! I especially like that dolly and the tuna, if only we got them here like that!


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I'll second that

Wed, 2010-11-24 11:12

I'll second that comment!

Luckily we do get dollies here (even if we have to travel 30nm out at the right time of year).



Very good selection of fish there. It's interesting to see various types of fish people are catching from different parts of the world. You'll certainly pick up a few more here.


And yep, Saltwater are the best Laughing. Though bluejuice are still good, so you should still enjoy your time and catch a sambo.


With fishing at Hillarys, you're probably better off fishing the rockwalls rather than inside the marina. Herring are a fairly prolific target (remember to berley), and there should be small wrasse around. If you can get on a boat, you would have a very high chance of getting some herring, wrasse and whiting all with in a few minutes of the ramp. Wrasse in particular, lol.

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third that beast

Wed, 2010-11-24 11:48

like till and hlokk said that is a ripper dolly and tuna, wish the tuna at west end were that big!! haha

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impressive, very nice

Wed, 2010-11-24 13:47

impressive, very nice selection of fish and some very nice places you travel to catch them, welcome to the site and good luck with your fishing here, enjoy....

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for a second there i thought

Wed, 2010-11-24 17:36

for a second there i thought that bass in the first pic was a very small mulloway hhahahha. ive fished hillaries to death for at least 3 years, almost every weekend. havnt been down in the last 6 months because of school, but used to at least catch something. always plenty of stingrays to stretch the arms on :)


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Fri, 2017-01-27 22:44

 Hai which spot do you fish there? And wat rig are you using?


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ahh.. the rays are

Wed, 2010-11-24 19:56

ahh.. the rays are everywhere. i used to head down to eshed almost every friday night and we always get rays

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Hey welcome mate!!! i have

Sat, 2010-11-27 15:12

Hey welcome mate!!!

i have fished hillarys straight on for the last year and trust me there is always some decent fish in there!!!


There are often a few baby sharks around the place in summer (mainly this time)


there are of course the stingrays that are everywhere and some BIG UNSTOPABLES!!!


then there are louds of buff bream and Zebra fish that are a big challenge on 2lb using dough


and then there is also the channel for plastics, catch skippy, tarwhine, pike, herring and rarely baby pink snapper.


then there is lots of places to egi (squid) at night time mainly the light house again casting SE.


im normally at the disabled platform every saturday, so you might see me down there. drop by and say hello, im only a teenager and its easy to spot me, look for a large pile of gear...


Hope this helps.


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do a search on the site, for

Sat, 2010-11-27 18:12

do a search on the site, for Hillaries. hundreds of reports. PM me if you want anymore info, or want to catch up for a fish.


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