Hookups on skirt assists

Got hold of a few inchiku style jigs recently and over the weekend I hooked a few fish on them.  However Im having trouble keeping the fish on.  The hooks are very very sharp so there is no problem there, but when Im fighting the fish it always seems I get them off the bottom a few meters and then they spit the hooks.  I have the same trouble with pirate and octo style jigs quite often, but dont have any issue with metals and single or double assist hooks on them.

Is there a better technique for hooking and keeping fish on the hooks with these suckers?


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 I have the same trouble with

Wed, 2012-04-11 11:58

 I have the same trouble with my pirate assists. I thought it was just me :(

One thing i do that i think helps a little is give the rod a few hard yanks to set in the hooks good. but then again i still have had the hooks spat a few times



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Yeh man its a weird one.  I

Wed, 2012-04-11 13:27

Yeh man its a weird one.  I fished octos off the back of the reef in exxy and got alot of hits.  The only fish I pulled up was a coral trout and I just wound all the way no pumping and winding.  I might try re rigging the assists with a thinner gauge hook and see if that helps with penetration.  Might also look to put a short stinger off the main metal part of the jig in case the fish are hitting that and not the skirt.


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I gave them a fair crack in

Mon, 2012-04-16 16:13

I gave them a fair crack in Exxy last week.

I normally just run the Shout twin assists, but had a bunch of standard assists off various Fankys so put them on to give them a go. Was getting hits, but much lower hookup rate than with the Shout twins, so I took the skirted assists off again.

That said - I think the very narrow gape (relative to the Shout hooks) that the fanky hooks have has a lot to do with this. I've no doubt that if you ran some Kudakos or SJ41s with a squid skirt you would be fine.


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