Inboards Versus Outboard

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I am considering purchasing a boat. One that has piqued my interest has an inboard engine. I had never considered an inboard before.

What are the advantages or disadvantages of Inboards Versus Outboard?

I think
Inboard Adv: Lower CoG, ease of access to engine components.Bigger capacity?
Disadv: Hull penetration, possible build up of explosive vapours in the bilge area

Outboard. Adv. More common
Disadv: Exposed to weather, higher CoG.

Thanks for your thoughts

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 Inboard advantage. Generally

Sat, 2018-02-24 11:27

 Inboard advantage. Generally a big lazy car motor. Push larger boats well. Cheaper to buy than outboard powered rigs. Lower centre of gravity so boat tends to ride better. Big props with good bite on the water. 

Disadvantages. Ignition source in bilge alongside fuel tanks. Take up deckspace. Leg servicing is a pain. Lots don’t like the so resale will suffer. 


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I vs O

Sat, 2018-02-24 11:30

 I've owned both and currently have a diesel stern drive 23ft boat.

Cost of ownership is roughly the same. Unless you can service it yourself then the price for a full service on a 150 4 stroke is roughly the same as a stern drive. 

Like you say, the issue of combustible fumes in the bilge is real. But using a bilge blower(s) religously and having a CO2 sensor helps to mitigate the risk greatly. An EFI engine is a lot safer in terms of fuel vapours and any leaking tanks or hoses must be dealt with and checked regularly.

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 I have also had both.  Would

Sun, 2018-02-25 14:53

 I have also had both.  Would never own another petrol in invoard and def not it anything under 8m they take up so much room. Yes its a table and a seat but it still annoyed me. The need for bilge blower is also annoying. You also cant get the leg fully out of the water which is annoying if you wanna beach the boat!

Did ride nice with the extra low down weight!


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