Instructional Video - Tying The PR Knot

Hi guys,

I recently posted another video clip on youtube which goes together with my latest article in next months issue of New Zealand Fishing News magazine. The video is on how to tie the PR Knot and just thought I would share it for those who may be new to jigging.

When I filmed it I tried to explain as much as I could but due to the 10min youtube maximum time frame I had to edit a fair bit out so I hope it is still easy enough to understand.

Some people when they start the PR Knot like to tie a lot of loose spirals and onlt spin tight spirals for about 1cm on the underbind before spinning tight spirals all they way back with the overbind. I prefer to spin tight spirals under and over.

here is the link




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Good work Josh. Should help

Wed, 2009-11-11 22:29

Good work Josh. Should help a few jiggers just in time for sambo season.