Jigging with Double Island Charters

No monster fish were caught but with over 80 - 90 AJ's and about 7- - 80 Trevally caught along with a mixed bag of kings, cod, snapper, tuskies ...... it wasn't a bad day.

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Nice work. Looks like

Tue, 2014-10-21 08:10

Nice work. Looks like fun.

Good clear fottage.

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Thanks Drilled the camera

Tue, 2014-10-21 08:56

Drilled the camera housing full of holes to stop it fogging up. Lost it's full waterproof ability unless I buy a new housing but the footage is so much better. I lost a lot of footage from fogging, especially over in Thailand where it's so humid

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 Have you tried placing one

Tue, 2014-10-21 09:33

 Have you tried placing one or two of those small dessicant packets to stop the moisture.  

They are those small packets you usually find in shoe boxes for example. They absorb the moisture quite well. We all tend to throw them out when wr buy things.
I am sure you know what they look like. 
Just keep collecting them and store them all in a zip lock bag. Once used probably best to then throw them out. 

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I had the actual anti fog

Wed, 2014-10-22 13:24

I had the actual anti fog pads from Sony and from GoPro but they don't work well at all. I'm not fussed about the camera not being totally waterproof cause I have a handheld that is waterproof and can film if I'm ever desperate. It's splash proof now

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Fri, 2014-11-14 10:21

Nice day jigging there mate.

I noticed one of the guys was using a yellow Cush-It at one stage. Any opinion on how they rate compared to a gimble? Considering buying one for my jigging outfit that hasnt got a star gimble butt.


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Not as good as a gimble

Fri, 2014-11-14 11:55

Because of leverage issues, but tons better than no gimble. I have lost a few rods overboard due to clumsiness and stupidity including a Stella10 000SW on a Samuria Jig10 with varivas braid. Expensive affair(s). Tested the medium Cush-it on my Stella SW 8000 and Jig8 combo in the pool and it floats, so Im as happy with this to use it on the boat for that reason alone.

But standup without a gimble will from experience cause a sore stomach and/or bruising to inner arms, and this does eleviate some off those issue.


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That is some serious gear to

Fri, 2014-11-14 15:01

That is some serious gear to loose over the side!

I was looking at getting the new JM gimble that has a removable pin for butts without the gimble star but there worth quite a bit.

The Cush-It is pretty cheap compared so might just get one and try it.



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Yeah I use the cushit all the

Wed, 2014-11-19 13:57

Yeah I use the cushit all the time and never use a belt. I have one for my popping rod to and it makes a world of different.
Usually I'd come home with bruises all up the insides of my arms or on my stomach and since using the cushit I never get that.
Need to replace the yellow one though. Didn't realise a mate put mine in the tuna tubes when we were launching and the tubes run permanently so it floated out the back of the boat and I never even realised :(