Jigging Help Please

I have the gear for jigging but am still unsure as to how to use it properly and always find myself changing back to the old patanosta and bait. I fish 35 - 45 metres of water. My jigs consist of pirates, pencils and octanaughts. I cast them away from the boat allowing them to hit the bottom directly under the boat what do i do from there? Am i two wind up a turn from the bottom and then twitch the jig, do i work it prefusley or ten metres and redrop? I really don't know, someone please help.


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Jigging help

Tue, 2013-04-16 20:44

 Hey mate, 

Google  TW Gero Jigging Mash Up .  

Check out a few of Lloyds YouTube vids. There's plenty to learn watching his vids.