Jigging Jan 4th or 5th anyone?

Just wondering if anyone is organising a charter on Jan 4th or 5th and has room for 2 more to make up numbers! Never been before but keen to go try out some new christmas pressies on some solid fish. If no fishwrecked members are organising a trip I'll have to ring around to see if theres any spots on the charters. Would be great to get out and meet a few members tho who know jigging and soak in some tips and techniques! My bro in law will prob come too and hasn't been before either.






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Sun, 2009-12-20 14:58

Try Shikari, price is $200 I think, and all he runs are Stellas, Saltigas, Van Stalls , Torsa's and Quantums and some other top end gear, some sweet jigs on board too.

 Been in the business from the beginning too.

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