JIgging Rainbow Beach QLD

Yesterday morning 2am me and a couple mates drove up from Brissy to Rainbow Beach to head out on a charter. 5:30am we were fly out across the bar in fairly decent conditions but with heavy winds forecast later in the day.

First up we did a bit of trolling before we hit the jigging grounds and had double, triple and quadruple hookups on Yellow tail and the quad was 3 yellow tail and one wahoo only for the Whoo to spit the lure 5m behind the boat and be smashed as it hit the water by and even bigger whoo.

After a bit of fun with them we hit the grounds.

First drop and we had a double on a pair of 14 kilo Amberjack, my mate lost control of his about 6m below the boat and let his swim around the back of the boat and onto my side, lines touched and I watched mine swim back to the depth. His was landed successfully. Not a happy camper.

Retied and next drop we had a double on a pair of Gold spot trevs, this was a mates first ever drop with a jig and he was over the moon, his second drop resulted in the jig being smashed as the bail arm was flicked and something solid was on. Couple minutes of gently persuasion and we all erupted in celebration seeing a monster trout popping up to the surface (went 6 kilo on the button). I think our mate is now hooked on jigging.

The woind then decided to turn up early and the North Easterlies were blowing 12-16 knots making the drift rather lumpy. Anyway things hotted up with more double hookups and things dragging us into the reef. Alot of school AJ started coming up all 10-12 kilo and some punching well above their weight. We deployed the heavy gear (Saltiga 5000H with PE6 and 250g jigs) and this was smoked faster than a joint in an Amsterdam coffee shop. in 40m of water they just don't want to play nice and we just had to hold on and hope for the best.

All up we ended up with about 12 AJ's landed, 6 or 7 lost and a good few jigs never to be seen again. A great day all round

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Amazing day on the water you

Mon, 2013-11-11 10:01

Amazing day on the water you guys had.

When I read Yellow tail, I was expecting king fish. Even better that they were yellow fin tuna!

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Great day you guys had out.

Mon, 2013-11-11 12:10

Great day you guys had out. Worth the 2am wake up call.

Which charter did you go with?


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nice work! sounds like a fun

Mon, 2013-11-11 12:24

nice work! sounds like a fun day


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Thanks, My bad, brain was

Thu, 2013-11-14 06:38

Thanks, My bad, brain was still asleep, Yellow Fin Tuna.

Was with Greg from Double Island Charters. Top guy and will do the extra miles to get decent fish for his cutomers.

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jigging rainbow

Sun, 2013-11-17 04:47

 Thanks for the report. Will give them a try. Leigh

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 Did u eeat the amber

Thu, 2013-11-21 23:09

 Did u eeat the amber jacks?


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Small AJ's that size taste

Thu, 2013-11-28 11:44

Small AJ's that size taste great especially with some panco bread crumbs. Smokes up really well to.