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A few people asked how to rig the double loop assist hook, and as its much easier showing than explaining, I thought I'd post it here.

This is not the only way to do it, or necessarily the best way, just the way I do it. I like it as its strong enough and compact and easy to orientate hooks. However, you need the right hooks (I use owner SJ41 3/0's as they have a large welded eye). Kasey has a very helpful guide for solid assist cord here (which is better if you have solid cord and/or non-welded eye hooks)

I'm using #25 YGK kevlar/dyneema


Measure off and length and cut. Remove the inner core and mark the lengths.


Fold the end points and get the latch needle


Hook into the braid a bit below the end point, then push hook into and up and inside the braid.


Push out through the braid, perhaps 5-10mm from mark.


Grab end, and pull though.


Make sure its folded at the right point, and pull the outer layer down (the tag should end up inside). I then use a twisting rolling motion downwards to make it nice and tight.


Pull down, do the other end, loop around a solid ring. I use a small dob of super glue just to stop it moving when its not under pressure.


I've load tested and had the hooks fail first, and has held up through all my fights on PE2. Make your own choices if using a heavier line.

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Thanks for this info hlokk.

Fri, 2009-03-06 14:11

Thanks for this info hlokk. I'm sold on jigging and used to do alot of it for snapper in NZ years ago. With all the new gear and jigs available, I'm getting back into it.

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