Ledge point/ guilderton

 Im heading up too ledge point next weekend for a fish there and at moore river

just wondering if anyone knows some good spots an if theres any tailor or mulloway 

floating about! Wouldnt mind givin the river a try for some bream either! Cheers

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Ledge point, the second point

Sat, 2013-01-19 08:43

Ledge point, the second point south of town has an onshore reef, the locals call it shit corner, standin on the edge of the reef (dont fall in any holes) at low tide in the morn bait castin mulies should get u some tailor. If the water is clear, lure fishin will work too. Good bike/4x4 dunes behind and can access via tracks from the tip if u dont wana go on the beach. Some deep water off tge bewch just north of that reef which could be good for a night fish if its weed free


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 Cheers tim for the advice

Sun, 2013-01-20 08:17

 Cheers tim for the advice hopefully ill have some good pics from the adventure!