Looking for new reel for jigging, casting

Hi all,

I'm thinking about getting another spinning reel to spool with 50lb braid.  Multi use outfit sought - is going to be used for both jigging and/or casting for kingies and anything else that nessecitates something heavier than the certate with 30lb.   I'm assuming if it can handle the jigging (under 100m depth and ussually around 60m and jigs around 150 -200gr) it will handle the rest fine.
All suggestions welcome, including rod suggestions.

- would like to keep the price down as much as possible as I just brought a Certate 4000 (30lb braid) for spinning (bluefin etc) and still need a rod for this and a jigging rod for my saltist O/H (and I've only told the missus so far about the High def video camera I just brought, shhhh).

Better get back to work looks like I'll need the dosh.....

fishing bug has hit again, haven't been on the water since easter and looking forward to summer.  bring it on!!

Cheers for any help in advance....



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you could try the certate

Wed, 2007-09-12 10:57

you could try the certate for Jigging - I use my 3500hd with 30lb and have pulled some good kingies on it, if you read David Green article a while back he used one with NOMAD on Wahoo up to 30kg so they will handle some pain. Then you can buy a good rod for it instead of spending the money on another combo. My pick would be the Saltiga Hirasama 6'3" or if you want a bit cheaper a T Curve 5-10kg. A mate has the hirasama and it casts well because of the extra length, it is his only rod and he uses it for everything, jigging in up to 60m, casting for Tuna, snapper and Dhuie fishing. IF I had to buy one rod as a multi purpose combo this would be it. HE has a Twinpower 6000hg that he imported from Japan and it is also a great reel for fishing 30-50lb.

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Penn 950 made  in USA ( If

Wed, 2007-09-12 11:46

Penn 950 made  in USA ( If you can find one) Good strong reel and relitivly cheap


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spheros 14000fa

Wed, 2007-09-12 11:48

spheros 14000fa

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Take the Twinpower 6000PG. I

Wed, 2007-09-12 11:51

Take the Twinpower 6000PG. I use that for PE4 50lb and it goes very well.

The certate in my opinion, no doubt a good reel, has limitations past 30lb. In 60m of water I have been stuffed by too many sambos on my certate that it is now slightly wonky, and refuses to jig deep. Save it for casting and pe2-3 jigging work. This same certate has been used to land sailfish but really the strains of gamefishing and jigging are kind of different.

Twinpower 6000PG is a good affordable choice. The 8000PG has landed a 90kg doggie on nomad.... jigging.

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and both the spheros and

Wed, 2007-09-12 11:52

and both the spheros and penn are just chunky bricks in comparison, no offence, to a 6000 size reel.

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Paul - have a look at the

Wed, 2007-09-12 12:59

Paul - have a look at the Shimano Triton Speedmaster TSS-4. I've taken mine on 4 trips to the outer coral sea spooled with 50lb braid and totally thrashed it...hasn't let me down....landed dogtooth, yellowfin, big red bass and coral trout. It's a bit dated style wise, but for about $170....you can't go wrong 

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Wed, 2007-09-12 15:47

NO  limitations .



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shimano stella, accurate

Wed, 2007-09-12 17:19

shimano stella, accurate twinspin, daiwa saltiga are all good, but very expensive.

Van Staal as mav said, but they are $$$

If you are hauling up sambo after sambo, IMO you will need some decent gear.

I purchased a relatively cheap spin reel ($160) caught a couple of sambo's on it (biggest 20kg) and a Went out on a charter and it broke while pulling in a pinky about 6-7kg.  (broke on the stem).

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The Certate will mostly be

Wed, 2007-09-12 21:48

The Certate will mostly be my snapper, mulloway, tuna, casting lures rod etc.
and I have an overhead Saltist 40 spooled with 80lb for the serious jigging.  Mainly looking  for something to fill the gap and give me a heavy threadline outfit (50lb braid).  Will likely be used for some medium jigging but will see a lot more of its use casting lures, dropping jigs down under tuna schools, some trolling, maybe livebaiting etc.   (Will be used on kingfish at times but in more of a casting to them role rather than serious jigging).  Not in a rush as I don't look like doing any serious fishing until next years bluefin run in febuary (but hoping to be eating fresh whiting in a few weeks).  The Twinpower 6000PG looks good for the price.

Looking at getting some good high def video next year, (insert gratuitous video shot of reel here) if any reel marketing reps are around....... (or ones with big boats).    :-)



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Considering what you have

Wed, 2007-09-12 22:35

Considering what you have already.... I suggest you check out the Saltist 4500 or wait til the new Catalina comes out in Aus.  You wont find a Twinpower 6000PG here, just Twinpower 6000FA.

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Twinpower 8000hg - nothing

Wed, 2007-09-12 22:35

Twinpower 8000hg - nothing better for the money, basically the domestic Stella in Japan. Not sure why we don't get them over here, they would be great competition for any of the Certate type range. From memory about 16kg drag, and certainly big fish well. Ebay always has a couple floating around.

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D.A.M finessa reel

Sat, 2008-03-29 04:41

I used to fish in the red sea ..

lately i tried the D.A.M Finessa 780 fd , it was a real good experience

and i got heavy fights with up to 24kg wahoo

and the reel was ok , i used for about 12 trips till now

not expensive at all

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Simon you cant compare the

Sat, 2008-03-29 07:34

Simon you cant compare the JDM Twinpower to the Certate as they are two completely different reels and sizes as well. Its probably more comparable to the Saltist and Sustains in Aus. Also its no where near the same performance as the Stella but for what Paul wanted it for it is sufficient.
The Daiwa Catalina is now available locally and they are a step better than the previous Saltist. Nice colour as well. Check it out at your local store.

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