Mandurah Bream

 Hi All, New to the forums here, as you can see. And im seeking some info about some bream around this time of year, Just scored a new Shimano raider II, Bream finesse for chrissy and looking for a first hookup. Any info is appreciated, Cheers! 

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Tue, 2015-01-06 18:36

 Didn't mention - Don't have a boat, Only a kayak and land based obviously, I thought about going to the bridge where ravenswood hotel is and fishing the colums ? 

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 Mandurah holds heaps of

Tue, 2015-01-13 03:50

 Mandurah holds heaps of bream and land based fishing opportunities.   

All snags leading upto and around the Ravo are good. Get your kayak into the canals in yunderup and Mandurah for some soft plastic action on break around the jetties. 

Serpentine river holds good break this time of year fish up stream and search around the lakes in your kayak with small stick bait lures or surface poppers . 


Yellow fun whitting are going off too around the shallows of the estuary . Take your kayak or wade out and flick some lures. Simple lures such as a Berkley scum dog will do the damage