Maylands flathead and Dwellingup Reddies


New to the forum, always learned alot from recent posts and google searches that led me here, so i finally decided to jump on board.

Just moved to Maylands and was just wondering if anyone could give some knowlege to the best whereabouts around Maylands i could score some flatties? Was down Garret Rd bridge with the missus fri night around 8pm were a few people down there fishing mainly for Bream, toilor and the alousive MMM (Monster Maylands Mulloway). Alot of under size Bream but not much luck in any other species. Also went to Point walter Sat moring around the sand bar and got swamped by blowies which destroyed a few soft plastics, switch to the hard bodies and still no luck! Any suggestions on locations, harware, and tequnique? 

Snuck up to Dwellingup for a 4x4 and a quick hunt for Reddies was good fun! Alot of Juvies but heres a few photos for the record.

P.S. Rod/reel combo is a bit off, destroyed the 6',6" closing the hard top off the ute on it.

and yes the missus caught the biggest Red of the day.








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Sun, 2013-04-28 12:42

Welcome to the site mate , nice looking water in your pictures, makes wan't to get in the car for a trip down that way .

You can get flatties all round Maylands, From Tranby house, past the boat yard and all the way around to the golf coarse . There should still be some around but the warmer months can realy fire.

Keep trying , you just have to get past all the small bream , try bigger lures or baits .

Cheers Grant .

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  Cheers Grant will have a

Sun, 2013-04-28 13:36



Cheers Grant will have a flick later on around Tranby house! 

Alot of campers plauging Dwellingup atm for school hols, but might head to Harvey Dam next time for some monsters. :)