Metro Jewfish Management

Dear Fisheries/ Minister/ Premier/ Minister for tourism ++++........ C/O Recfishwest

We the undersigned, as a small but highly informed group of recreational fishers, believe that the West Australian Jewfish (as well as many other highly sought after demersal species in the metropolitan area), are under immense pressure from both the commercial and recreational sectors. With the recent spike in population growth in this state and the increased efficiency of fishing methods, it is obvious that this pressure will contine to grow to worrying levels despite the use of traditional fisheries tools.

We urge the government and fisheries to urgently implement a plan to manage this fishery with precaution while IFM proceeds in due course.

We believe that any one (or a combination) of the below could only improve and protect the fishery.

1. The implementation of the Zone 5 concept
2. Time-limited rolling Fish Habitat Protection Corridors/ trolling only areas.
3. A time limited closure to all stakeholders for specific species under threat.
4. A limited tag-issue system for the commercial and recreational sectors.
5. Permanent Fish Habitat Protection Corridors/ trolling only areas.*

Such precautionary measures should be coupled with a far higher research budget for both the jewfish and other heavily fished demersals so that the fishery for these fish, with particular reference to the endemic and iconic West Australian Jewfish (Glaucosoma hebraicum), can continue at a healthy and sustainable level into the future.

We realise that something of this magnitude takes time but we hope you are much further along this track than we are.

These are just five ideas. We urge you to do something.

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Patrick Lodge
Marty Edwards*
Jamie Chester*
Wally Parkin
Ian Moore
Scott Jessamine*
Dean Topping
Alan Zecchin
Chris Jones
Tony Halliday*
Matt Kleczkowski
Nick Schoeffer
Allan Bevan
Dean Newman
Mick Barson
John Marshall
Mike Pritchard
Richard Davie
Nic Cuccovia
Darren Douglas
Mick Holt
Jay Wragg
Adam Gallash
Dan Mance
Scott Coghlan
Fraser Hocks
Gerry Brunini
Rod Pallister*
Andy McIntyre
Brody Laroux
Bruce Laroux
Dale Pilling*
Liam Pilling*
Tom Miller
Ryan Thipthorp*
Brent Goodall*
David Findlay
Mike Ioppolo
John Scott
Ben King*
Joff Weston
Mark Davis
Brett Trutwein
Che Carson
Nick Griffiths
Mark Rochfort
Kal Abdullah*
Khalid Abdullah*
Ian Davidson*
John Barnett*
Troy Cherry*
David Birrell*
Alan Elshaw*

*Has concerns and reservations about permanent closures


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