New outboard 595 trailcraft

 Hi Guys/Girls 

Have a 595 trailcraft trailblazer looking to replace the 2004  115 Merc on it 

Budget is 23k 

Brand ,size and who best to go to ?

Thanks Shane 

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Comes down to personal

Thu, 2023-11-23 10:41

Comes down to personal preference.  I have had Yamaha in the past and now got a Johnson/Suzuki and I can't fault either of them

Get quotes with fitting included and talk them down. Don't pay full price for anything  . Most will try to rip you off


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 Hi Shane, You've done well

Thu, 2023-11-23 11:41

 Hi Shane,


You've done well to get that run out of the motor.

I also had a 2004 trail craft with a merc 115 on, the first motor started playing funny buggers (intermitant loss of power / stall) that no one seem to be able to fix in 2009, so 5 years.

The second motor (another merc 115) fully died via the oil pump failing 25nm out in 2017, so 8 years.


I now have a 200 yammie on a diff hull, been going strong since 2017 touch wood.

Lotta people like Merc's but as above I've had a bad run with them.


As a side note, my trailie was the 5.6m version and I thought it was a bit under powered with the 115hp.

I would be looking at a 150hp.




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 New Honda BF135/150's look

Thu, 2023-11-23 15:39

 New Honda BF135/150's look great and defintely worth a consideration. Mate just had a repower done start of the year and swears by it. had a 140 johnno/suzuki on there beforehand and the 150 honda kills it in performance, fuel econ and quiteness.
7 year warranty as well to back to it.
Also heard lot of good things about the merc 150. 
Nearly everyone will say Yammie or Suzi but look into the others as well. Probably a fair bit cheaper too

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Bluwater Marine Mercs on sale

Sat, 2023-11-25 14:14

 Off their FB page.

No affiliation other than they service my rig.

115hp Mercury four stroke $19,005.00

Prices include engine, control box & cables, Vessel view 403 gauge, stainless propeller, standard installation & water test.
In Bunbury. Their good to deal with.