Opinon: Evergreen Poseidon vs Hots Fake Lez

Hey guys, will like to seek your opinion on the below mention jigging rods.

Hots Fake Lez 54M
Length:5.4feet LineWT: PE2.5-4 JERK MAX:200g

Evergreen Poseidon Spin Jerk PSPJ500
Length:5.0feet LineWT: PE3 JERK MAX:160g
(underrated rod - feel more like a PE4 rod)

I've managed to get hold and loaded both rods at my local tackle shops. Now the problem is at static there's
only that much I can observe and test.

I was hoping if any brothers out there have the opportunity to jig with them, kindly share with us how
they feel like while jigging; weight, hardiness, sensitivity, best suited jigging method and etc. Why you
might choose one over another.

My only concern with the poseidon is theres are rumous going around that their blanks are brittle and are not
as abusive, break under load. Can anyone justify that.

Cheers for all information. =)


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What are you wanting to jig

Mon, 2011-12-12 20:22

What are you wanting to jig for with these rods?

What reel

if you are demeral jigging i would look for something a bit longer. Look for something 5'8"to 6'3", you will find it alot easier to jig lighter metals with a rod of this length and you will be able to put alot more flick into it


I haven't played with either of the rods you have mentioned but i would consider also something like a smith AMJS56L or a saltiga 60S if you want something similar to those ratings you have described





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I'll furbish you guys

Mon, 2011-12-12 22:38

I'll furbish you guys all with more details.  This will be my mid range jigging setup.

Jigging over max 60-80m water using 100-200g, tropical water w/targeted species

mid size dogtooth, ruby snapper, amberjacks and trevelly etc.

For reels, Im planning to run a stella 8000sw with a 10000som spool as spare.


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