PE2 and PE8 spin rod suggestions

I am in the market for the above jig rods. Budget is pretty flexible, but obviously I dont sleep on a pile of money so a $1500+ rod suggestion would be way off the mark.


PE2: Morethan Branzino 3000 with 20lb Sunline PE (my thoughts: Hots Stilletto Slow Style SSS63HS)

PE8: Stella 20000FA with 1 x spool of 78lb PE5 and 1 x spool 100lb Jerry Brown (my thoughts: Wei world 48/52 or Valley Hill Mogi Special Exploder II 53XXS)




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huggyb i have my morethan

Thu, 2009-10-29 21:18


i have my morethan brazino on a hearty rise jig force...i think its rated to pe3.

for the money its quite hard to beat!

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second jorns comments,

Thu, 2009-10-29 21:26

second jorns comments,


save some cash and look at the jig force, we have one in the shop if you want to have a look, bring the reel in and see for yourself

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I've got a Mogi Special

Thu, 2009-10-29 23:16

I've got a Mogi Special 53XXS and I've ordered another. I also have an Evergreen Poseidon PE4 rod. I'd suggest the Mogi Special for a PE8+ outfit (it will take plenty of punishment). I heavily contemplated the Hots 48 & 52. The Hots 52 has a really long butt which results in a short upper blank if you get my drift. The 48 is ideal for deep water jigging.

I've been told by plenty of experienced jiggers & people that have owned Hots Wei World rods that they require plenty of respect. I.e. Don't let your inexperienced mates use it - and strictly no high sticking. The Wei World blank is compressed graphite - ultra light weight (220g), but an extremely comfortable all day jigging rod. It is parabolic which will reduce stress on your body. It may feel unbalanced if coupled to a 20000 stella or 6500 saltiga due to the lightness of the blank - but a heavy jig will counter this.

I'd also highly reccommend the Ripple Fisher 5215. All these rods are excellent quality specialist equipment. You may also wish to throw in the Zenaq Fokeeto FS5316 - however, I've learnt that this is an older designed rod - not that it won't perform. Add the Hots Fake Lez 50H - which is also worth consideration.

It's a difficult choice given most local tackle stores don't stock these rods, so if you would like to see the Mogi or perhaps use it... let me know.



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For the 20lb I would

Thu, 2009-10-29 23:06

For the 20lb I would consider the following:
Golden Mean Sable Dance
MajorCraft Offblow
Poseidon Spin Jerker, possibly Slow Jerker, depending on quarry

If you have problems sourcing, try dropping a PM

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Yep - Highly reccommend

Thu, 2009-10-29 23:15

Yep - Highly reccommend Kasey should you have trouble sourcing gear.

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Has anyone got any feedback

Thu, 2009-10-29 23:06

Has anyone got any feedback on the Maria Steady Jiggers, have had a play with some in the shop here and they feel the goods.


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What ever your choice

Fri, 2009-10-30 07:32

What ever your choice is.....dont go for the Zenaq Fokeeto FS5316. Thats what I had for the last 5 yrs for sambo jigging. Only used it for the first 3 seasons. Yes it is an older design but very lightweight and powerful...and its fast action and short foregrip. Which is why I sold it.




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I've got a Zenaq and I quite

Fri, 2009-10-30 22:13

I've got a Zenaq and I quite like it purely becuase of the fact it's extremely lightweight and powerful, and it's sits somewhere in the middle for me where action is concerned. It's certainly not as fast as some jigging rods I've used but it's definately no where close to a slow blank like jigging masters etc...

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check out the jigging master

Mon, 2009-11-09 14:31

check out the jigging master rods at They are considerably cheaper than anywhere i have seen and the boys there are great to deal with (he must be still in the process of updating his website cause it currently says sold out - but everything is currently in stock!!!). Just got myself one of the new duel pin gimbals....unreal to say the least! Coxy also has in a heap of 100g to 500g rods (and GT rods) along with the new PE4 and PE6 saving for the PE4. Good luck...