So I've just bought a house in Pinjarra, and after 4 years living out in the goldfields, I'm itching to get back into a bit of fishing. Was wondering how far downriver do the redfin come? Can I get them on the freshwater side of the weir in town? Or am I better off heading towards the Coolup area or further? Will be doing plenty of trips into the Dwellingup forests, but something close to home would be great for a quick arvo bash. 

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 I'm also In pinny I haven't

Wed, 2018-06-27 07:21

 I'm also In pinny I haven't put a heap of time fishing in the river but the only species I have caught closer to the weir is black bream. Plenty of redfin in dwellingup and have had mates catch them further down the river so you never know your luck.



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I used to do alot of bream

Thu, 2018-06-28 00:59

I used to do alot of bream fishing when i was in Perth so I'm looking forward to getting the hang of a new river system. But I haven't seriously targeted redfin for nearly 20 years so am itching to go and get a feed of them as soon as the wife lets me off the leash. 

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Hey tadpole Not sure about

Wed, 2018-07-11 19:11

Hey tadpole 

Not sure about the redfin in pinni but in summer black bream are right ypro that break wall mate. Grab a tinny or kayak amd launch it at the pinni boat ramp and all those snags back towards ravenswood hold bream. Its a wicked river for blackys on hard bodies and plastics


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 Used to always be a bit of a

Thu, 2018-07-12 19:49

 Used to always be a bit of a lazy bream fisherman, chuck out a prawn and crack a beer kind of lazy. I have caught one bream on a lure about 5 years ago so will have to try and add to that. Unfortunately I don't have a boat at the moment but a small tinny for breaming, perching and crabbing is on the list within the next couple of years