plastic help!

 hey guys need some advice, what rod woud you recomend for plastics fishing for demersals and sambos and the occasional bigger fish? already got a jig combo just after a plastic combo, the rod will be matched to my caldia 4000 running 30lb braid, the rod will be used out of the boat usually, got a budget of around $300, willing to look at brand new and second hand rods if there in good condition, thanks 

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 heyi am kind of looking at

Thu, 2014-01-02 20:59


i am kind of looking at the same type rod and i have done a bit of research on it

i have found that the shimano terez is just about perfect

it is wieghted for 15-30lb so a little bit on the heavy side (for what i want it for)

check it out it sounds like a good rod.

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 +1 love my terez.

Thu, 2014-01-02 21:50

 +1 love my terez.



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 What depth are you fishing?

Thu, 2014-01-02 21:42

 What depth are you fishing? lure weight on your rod will be important to look at not just breaking strain rating. I find there are rods rated to 20lb or more, but they sure dont like more than an ounce on there!

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I have seen folks jig heavy

Fri, 2014-01-03 08:15

I have seen folks jig heavy jig heads(1-3oz) with their PE1-3 jigging outfit still catches fish with them. However, I reckon the parabolic action of the rod usually absorbs to much of the twitches and doesn't impart the necessary action on plastics - just my opinion.


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I have a Daiwa Demon Blood

Fri, 2014-01-03 10:04

I have a Daiwa Demon Blood Combi Jerk 64 and use it for a very similar application to what you are talking about matched up with a Seagate 3500H with PE2..... A very nice rod with a price tag around your budget.

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 cheers guys, i will be

Fri, 2014-01-03 17:51

 cheers guys, i will be fishing from 10m all the way up to 40m aha