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In the past I've used a combination leader(30cm of wire double crimped on the end of the mono/flouro wind on leader) when jigging in the tropics. Has anyone used a different system that works well? Is the wire necessary? Is the risk of being bitten off out weighed by more strikes? I mainly jig with 80-100lb braid and 150-200lb leader and heavy drag.....Any comments...

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weld wire

Tue, 2008-07-15 21:23

I have used a 10cm long piece of weld wire tied with a albright...(yep it held) up mac islands last year after lossing gear....caught the mackerel...but nothing else other than cod....

You lose control of the jig too....cant maintain contact or feel through the rod tip

off again soon so looking for tips ....


I considering use a length of that green spiral armour tube like you use to protect your crimped loops when rigging pushers...slid over the leader above the jig....

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The armour spring could help

Wed, 2008-07-16 16:43

The armour spring could help a bit.....but when those big wahoo bite down hard.....It's all over. I think I'm going to use a 150lb - 200lb fluorocarbon wind on leader with wire assist hooks......wahoo and macks I've caught before tended to hit the mid section of the jig....might lose the odd jig....but hopefully get more hits