Rotto Day Trip

I've been lurking for a while and finally got out for a fish with some postable results.
Last Friday week took the ferry over to rotto for some reef bashing. Ended up at a hole in Stricklands which was full of 1kg tailor. Had 20 strikes, landed 7 and released 5 in 45 minutes. There were some much bigger fish there but I couldn't land them. I never use wire and was bitten off once so maybe next time I will go the wire.

After cleaning dinner I thought I would bring out the whiting gear and try for a KG. second cast a thick 45cm KG swallowed my hook. Thought I would call it a day and head to the pub to wait for the 7.15pm boat back to C-shed.

Great day and and an excellent dinner aftwerwards.

[img_assist|fid=77416|thumb=1|alt=Stricklands Hole]

[img_assist|fid=77419|thumb=1|alt=Stricklands Tailor]

[img_assist|fid=77422|thumb=1|alt=Stricklands KG]


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G'day Andrew

Sat, 2006-11-18 12:34

Hey Andrew,

Welcome to fishwrecked mate and what a great first post! Looks like you had a bit of a day out and were duly rewarded. :) There is a very solid tailor run along the coast and in the river at the moment, guess the island has to have them too. Thanks for sharing the photos and the report.



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