Sailfish Canyon Master v S8 Model

Hi Folks, I'm in the process of finalising the purchase a new 8 M Sailfish cat. I am considering the option of purchasing either a Canyon Master (open cockpit layout) or an S8 (bi fold doors between the cock pit area and the cabin). The CM is 300mm longer in the hull than the S8. Other than the obvious openness of the Canyon Master, some advice has been offered that the bi fold doors bulkhead assembly creates some restriction to viewing the sonar and chart plotters while fishing in the cockpit. And can be a bit claustrophobic in hot summer climates. Given the boat will spend the bulk of its time in Exmouth, having a close able cabin to shelter from cold and inclement southern type weather is not really an issue. Also, lockable cabin security is not an issue as the boat will be on my jetty whilst being used and in a lockable garage when not being used. I know there are a number of Sailfish boats regularly in Exmouth and a number in the Bunbury/South West from U tube videos. Have any members faced this similar situation? I believe that either option will deliver a great outcome, but I'd welcome any advice on the pros and cons of each particular option before making a commitment. With Thanks

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You’re in WA.

Wed, 2022-05-04 06:27

You don't need cabin doors, let alone on a trailer boat.  

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Thanks for your opinion

Wed, 2022-05-04 07:12

Thanks for your opinion Scotto.