saltiga 5000 ample for AJS?

Hi guys im after a suitable smith rod to match my saltiga 5000... Ill be putting 55lB on it and getting roughly around 300M on it...

Is this ample enough to jig with in WA for the sambos?...  

Rod i was looking at was the SMITH 52EX.... I see alot of bigger saltigas such as the 6500 and 20000SW stellas jigging for the AJs...
This is the only outfit ill be taking... What kinda depths do you guys jig in? dont want be cut myself short!!!

So does the 52ex sound right for the 5000 saltiga?



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I reckon your spot on the $$

Mon, 2013-05-06 20:31

I reckon your spot on the $$ mate. I fish with a 2010 5000H and a jigging master terminator 2 in the PE4-8 and that smashes most of the ones we get down here in Albany. I have been caught out on the really big ones (25kg -35kg) but not very often. The Smith rod probably has a lot more back in it too.


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