Sambo Jigging 4/12

FW member Chrisp organised a few of us to go out on sw charters today. Was a great day out and enjoyed by all onboard. Took a few picutres but not alot so if anyone else wants to add to this thread feel free.

Shared the boat with a group of guys over from Sydney, they took the prize for biggest fish caught with a horse of a Sambo, hopefully someone else can add pics as i didnt get any....

Got to meet a few of the fishwrecked members, once again a bunch of great guys and got to test out some new gear.....also got to test out a popping GT rod as a makeshift sambo jigging rod...was hard work but fun for 2 drops but wont be doing it again :P

Heres a few pics from the day...

First catch for the day....hard work using Saltiga 6500 exp and Saltiga Murimura popping rod :P


Second catch, christening my Saltiga 4500 and Smith AMJ, caught on 45 Lb braid :D 


My biggest for the day...


FW members cleaning up.....



A well fought catch lost in the final stages to an estimated 4 - 5 metre great white.......sorry about the pics but it didnt hang around long or surface to get good shots...



And what the noahs ark left behind....



I dont usually bother putting too many photos up as its a pain in the arse on this sight to get the sizing right etc so my apologies of this doesnt work right, if anyone wants to add to it your more than welcome ;P


Cheers, Kane




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Fri, 2009-12-04 17:54

very nice what area were you fishing.


........enjoy the day lets go fishing........

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Hillarys barges mate

Fri, 2009-12-04 18:00

Dont know why this post came up twice....I assure you I only wrote it once ;)


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Fri, 2009-12-04 18:46

Looks like a heap of fun! What model AMJ were you using and how did it go?

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nice work Kane et al

Fri, 2009-12-04 18:50

some solid sambos there

good to see the gear getting a stretch

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atleast the shark didnt take

Fri, 2009-12-04 18:53

atleast the shark didnt take ur jig


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great fish mate. thats a

Fri, 2009-12-04 20:08

great fish mate.

thats a nice white.

cheers danno

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Good work Kane. Always good

Fri, 2009-12-04 21:39

Good work Kane. Always good fun getting into Sambos. Would have been hard work using a popping rod!

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another good day out

Fri, 2009-12-04 22:20

another good day out jigging, these guys seem to know where to go and putting you onto the fish. great day had by all


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well done

Fri, 2009-12-11 11:03

Well done Kane, looks like a good day out jigging.  Btw, the sizing is easy, just resize all to 800x600 and you wont have a problem. ;)


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800 x 600...

Fri, 2009-12-11 20:56

thanks for the tip mate ;) good to know. now it just comes back to my pure laziness in posting pics, haha.


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