Shout out to the Green Head Free Divers


Great to see guys and girls willing to help a few fellow fisherman out there.

We got our pots stuck out in 10-12m of water while we were up holidaying in Green Head last week.

Came accross two couples free diving about 400m away from our pots. Asked the question if they were able to help out.

Without question they followed us down to our pots jumped straight over the side and freed them up.

Very impressive to see you guys work. Wouldnt of got me down there.

A big thankyou to who ever you were. As we werent able to catch you back in town due to you heading home that arvo.

Hope the Dhuie you were able to spear while you were down there went down well.

I have a carton here for you if I can catch up with you. Message Me.

Cheers Anchorman


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 good to see other helping

Wed, 2018-10-03 19:05

 good to see other helping out where they can. 


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