Soft plastics

Hey guys how are we all, Laterly I've been looking at using soft plastics because I have heard alot of people are using them, unlike myself have never had a go on one. Was wondering if you guys out there that are using them could give me a bit of help, I'll be chasing bream and flatties in the swan and canning river, looking for jig head sizes and weights for both speices, and what sort of soft plastics use all recomend for both speices also, weather it be colour or length, so if anyone could give me any advice it would be appreciated and would help me with these things, Thanks in advance Rick

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dont bother in the swan to

Mon, 2012-05-07 14:44

dont bother in the swan to many blowys they will destroy a plastic each cast, stick to hard bodys.

if you really like feeding the blowys trying to get a flatty in between any colour works, gold/browns, greens (caught most flounder on green) pinks and natural blue/silver were always my favourite. paddle or grub tail both work. 2 or 3 inch plastics and jig weights i forget its been a few years but ide say 1/16 to 1/8.

good luck champ.



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Hard bodys

Mon, 2012-05-07 14:51

With the hard bodys do they need a bib or can you use bibless hard bodys,

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I've caught a few flatties on

Mon, 2012-05-07 15:29

I've caught a few flatties on the swan using a deep diving bibbed hard body.


I found as the bib hits the sand its stirs abit the bottom and the flatties and bream seem to like it.


Ecogear SX40's are good.


If you want to use plastics, use something that isnt GULP in the swan.   Blowies will just destroy the GULP.  Snapback grubs are good in the swan.

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Gulp is fanmtastic in the

Mon, 2012-05-07 16:31

Gulp is fanmtastic in the swan mate ! trust me , and they do produce the bigger fish to!

take a look at the last swan round in the classic a 1.7 kg fish got caught on gulp crabbys right near the starting line (downriver from the narrows)

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again havn't fished the swan

Mon, 2012-05-07 16:08

again havn't fished the swan for a while but yeah ecogears are nice, halco laserpro 45's work well also the rmg scorpion 35's, apparently people catch a few on blade lures such as tt's and the bibless river2sea things i forget what they are called. yes working them along the sand is good unless there's heaps of weed and your constantly having to clear your lure. i bought a heap of rapala xr6's recently and have only used them a couple times with no success, in the past for me something with a tighter shimmy worked better as the xraps have a slow action unless flicked to create a darting action.

there are so many lures to choose from go buy one or 2 of a few brands and you will soon find a favourite.


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plastics work well in the

Mon, 2012-05-07 16:21

plastics work well in the swan
you just have to fish up stream of maylands just to avoid blowies
Good plastics to use are snapbacks grubs fav colours are amber and muscadine more resistant to the blowies and catch plenty of fish
Use gamakatsu 1/22 of an ounce heads
or 1/24 nitro or tt, personal preference on jigheads i use gama's


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Plastic fantastic

Mon, 2012-05-07 16:28

Definatly fish plastics in the swan by all means......

start with 2" snapbacks on a gamakatsu round 211 size 4 1/22 jighead and you will have a great time.

if you are around maylands or up river from there then use a nitro jighead in the same size mentioned above and get yourself some of the following plastics.

3" bass minnows  in pearl water mellon

gulp crabbys in emerald shine

gulp 6" sandworms in camo cut in half

with these plastics you will suceed .

whilst ahrdbodies are good you will have fun on plastics and it hurts far less when you loose one to a snag that a soft plastic, and whilst the blowies do destroy plastics they are not as bad as everyone makes them out to be.

If there is anything else you would like to know  just pm me


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snapback grubs enough said

Mon, 2012-05-07 16:46

snapback grubs enough said they never fail to catch for me slow wind with varied twitches,if your looking for flattie lures r2s baby vibes or cranka cranks have worked well for me nice loud rattle.

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Mon, 2012-05-07 18:29

Thanks for the help guys, I'll have to go and have a practice now,