Steep point fishers! Lot of questons for you guys!

 Hey guys


Last year I was doing a road trip from Broome to Perth but there were some damn cycolones grrrrrr!

I saw Broome, Exmouth and Coral bay and then I drove all the way inland to Newman down to Perth so i missed steep point and a few more places..

Fished a lot in Broome, Exmouth and coralbay! Was super good! But I have heard so many stories about this STEEP POINT! This magic big mac spot! haha

I was wondering how I could fish the best of this high cliffs!

I have got a game rod and a 7 foot with a spinning reel. So I guess I need to use my game rod?

What lures do i need, do i need a gaff?

How is it possible to trow lures of this high rocks? How can I find live baits around there?

Got any tips tell them all to me!


cheers guyssssssss

greetz flyingdutchfishermannnnnnn

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Perhaps give the search

Fri, 2011-09-02 14:02

Perhaps give the search function a go on this site mate - most of your questions will be answered.


When asked by a non-fisherman 'how many fishing rods do you really need?' the correct answer is either:

n+1 (where n is the number of fishing rods you currently own); or

n-1 (where n is the number of fishing rods which would cause your significant other to dump you. 

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Fri, 2011-09-02 14:19

go on you tube have a look, get a copy of a few west australian fishing publications and check out

then you will have more of an idea what your looking at.


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So many options

Fri, 2011-09-02 14:22


Yeah mate there are so many options for fishing the Point. Lots of gear is needed and many technichs work.

Spinning is ok with large metal lures and Xrap , Halco laser pro lures are very popular also. Alot of mack's are caught using helium balloons to get skipping baits out away from the cliff .

As above try a search and i'm sure you will find ton's if info about the area .

Cheers Grant..

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Fri, 2011-09-02 14:38

research the shit out of that mofo......


its not a very forgiving enviroment champ, ie be sure you know what you're getting yourself into BEFORE you go.


plenty of people have come "unstuck" up there. a lot of things to consider, ie winds, swell, time of year, amenities (lack of), and most of all, being prepared for literally anything.

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Yeah do alot of research. You

Fri, 2011-09-02 15:33

Yeah do alot of research. You have to take everything to survive. No water , power, food up there. There is alot of options fishing there. Cliffs the most obvious but there is a nice beach around 200meters away where you can get bluebone, massive talor etc.

Well worth the trip ! I have been going for the last 15yrs 


My photography pictures...



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bomber 16a

Fri, 2011-09-02 15:34

Bomber 16a's 2 for 20bucks online at motackle atm

Were the best lure last time i was up there.

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 I allready did some research

Fri, 2011-09-02 20:02

 I allready did some research but there is so much stuff about steep point, I don't want to spent hours to find some usefull information. I'm using internet here in the backpackers and damn expensive :S 


Thats why I ask this questions and hope you guys can reply me without saying search button!!! haha


On the pictures I see big cliffs. Are there like also less higher clifffs? Easier to trow lures ofF?

I deffenly need a gaff right?

I'm gonna be there around november december, is that a good time?

About this ballooning, can I also balloon without gas? Cause I never ballooned with gas and have no idea how :D

Is my gear heavy enough? 6 - 8 killo boat rod with a decent otomo reel with 30 or 40 pound braid line? Can I also use my spin rod with a nice penn reel, 7 foot rod 6-10 kilo rod with 20 or 30 pound braid on it.

I don't mind to spend some money on some nice gear but i'm still a backpacker and I don't have money to much :) 


All answer are welcome! Cheersssssssss

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Faint hearted

Fri, 2011-09-02 21:41

As tailor Marc and scotto have said, steep point is not for the faint hearted. If you aren't going to research and be prepared then steep point is out of your league. It's booked out from jan to march so if you haven't already booked you might not get in November December. Sorry to be harsh but it's a full on and dangerous fishing spot. Like I said in previous post go on the steep point website for more info specific to that place.

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Sat, 2011-09-03 18:07

I did my first trip to Steep Point in April this year, and as the guys have already said it not somewhere you can just decide to go to tommorow.

My trip was almost 12 months in the planning and there was quite a lot of money outlayed... I would have probably spent close to $3000 just on rods/reels/lures and general tackle. Plus add to that a cliff gaff which is an essential unless your only going to fish the beach area or the lowest point of "The Faultline" and the use of a cliff gaff required a second person, i.e bloke a on rod and a bloke on the gaff.

How are you planning on getting there ? a reasonably well setup 4wd is also a must (a REAL 4wd not a Rav4/Xtrail etc), I dont know if you've looked at a map but its about 4hrs of off road driving, and the first bit is full of corrigations.

have you though about what sort of gear you're going to have to take? because you're going to need to take EVERYTHING. Shelter/Food/Water/Tackle/Water/bait/Water/Water/Water and did i mention Water ..... if your going in December it going to be hot

have you thought about how to keep food/bait/fish cool... are you going to take a fridge/freezer+generator or are you going to take an esky with ice?? because the ice will probably be melted before you even get there

As for fishing gear, i'm no expert but I'd say with the rods you've got your going to struggle, might be alright in the shallows for tailer etc, but if you get anything decent off the cliff i think you'll be fighting a loosing battle.. as for balooning, i wouldn't even bother with the gear you currently have, you definatly need something with more grunt.

Steep Point isn't somewhere you would go 'just for the day' to make it worthwhile you would be wanting to be there probably 4-7days as a minimum and as stated that requires plently of gear.

To give you a bit of an idea, 4 of us were camped on the Point for 7 days (plus travel either side) and we had a Nissan Patrol + Camper trailer, Ford Ranger + Camper Trailer BOTH FULL - inside/outside plus a small amount of gear on the roof, and that included a generator, Tuckerbox freezer, 2x 40L Engel Fridges, 100L Ice box,  250L water, 40L Diesel, 80L unleaded fuel, plus fishing gear/bait, all the food and everything else we needed.

Don't be discoraged if you still want to go, but as the guys have stated its not somewhere you can go unprepared, its a very unforgiving environment, and especially your very first trip will cost quite a few $$ just getting appropriate gear.

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best adivce i can give

Sat, 2011-09-03 11:42

get ur self a spear gun a mask and some flippers, if ur not scared of sharks ull out do the linos anyday :P but yeah steep point is as all have said not a beginner spot, very dangerous but if you do it right its well worth the trip, lots of good fish but it can be a bit hard to get in because of the dunes, i find that november doesnt hold to many mackerel though, and the ones that are there aren't monsters. lots of baldies, pinks, bluebone, spangos and yellow tail king fish though :). if you really want to do the trip, research into it, alot!

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I wish I was a billionaire so fucking bad

Sun, 2011-09-04 20:17

 thnx guys for the reactions!

I would love to go to steep point but I think i can't do it.. unfortunally.. Just because of the money.. 

First of all I have no generator, nothing to keep fish cold,  not the right gear, .. .. 


But I deffenly wll have a look over there :)


So me and my mate have a new plan! We are now at the momment working in Port douglas(above cairns). We are leaving here at the end of october. We gonna drive the whole way to darwin, broome to Perth with al lot and lot of fishing!

We gonna buy a tinny with a small engine and built it on the car and just cruize the whole coast down. I will let you guys also know where I am and gonna be on this forum and maybe you local guys can show me some nice spots:) And maybe take me out on a nice boat, I will pay the beers and fuell so we're both getting profit from it :D


So i'm gonna keep dreaming about steep point but i'm sure I will catch enough fish, maybe not from steep point but from our tinny haha


You guys will see me soon asking questions on the boating, land based forums! And will be happy to get sone nice tips and information of you guys! cheersssssss

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I have to agree that it is a wise decision

Mon, 2011-09-05 08:51

But there is plenty off other options from Darwin down to Perth. Best way to find out is post or do some research.

I am sure that down the coast there will be members wanting to show you fishing in the lucky country.

Im in Karratha and if I can will take you out. Also for backpackers this is where you can make some serious squid (Money ++++). The lodge is much more pricey than other backpakers, so it is overlooked by the average packer, but at one of the local anythings from Bottleshops, Bars, restuarants youll have a job in no time earning more than the packpackers cost. And with a tinny here in December you could well get into the Barra with just a little luck and help.

Best of luck



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Rocking the west coast! :)

Mon, 2011-09-05 19:59

 This is my second year in Australia and it is gonna be the second road trip van Cairns to Perth! Last year I was travelling down with my girlfirend but this time with a friend. Last time I diddn't do that much fishing cause my girlfriend, but offcourse i trew out a few lines :P Had good fun with catching barra in Kakadu Nation park between the crocs :P Had a good go in Darwin at the madurrah jetty. Then I worked 1 month in Broome and caught heaps of qeuunfish and trevally. Drove down to Exmouth and coralbay and caught more queenfish, trevfally, mangrove jacks and some sharks.

And then A big massvie cyclone blew the road a way from Coralbay to canavron. So the trip from Coralbay to Perth is gonna be a new experiemnce :)

The best thing is the next months (oktober till December) is gonna be hardcore fishing with relaxing and having cold beers:P

I will let you guys know what I catch and where I catch! If somebody is keen to show me good spots and take me out or something that will be awesomme!

So you guys will hear a lot of me on the forums specally from begin November /December when i'm hardcore fishing haha

Hey neels! If i'm heading down I will pas Karatha! Maybe we can meet and have a chat at the local botthelbar :P Do you run the lodge? If I need accomodation I will have a look! I'm always up for  make some extra $ :) So this squido money is always welcome! And the barra fishing is always a good challange!





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No mate

Tue, 2011-09-06 09:49

I dont, but just look it up,



"I would like to die on Mars. Just not on impact!!" _ Elon Musk