Sustain FG

I'm usually a Daiwa man but decided i would try a Shimano reel for my new T curve 5-9kg rod. I ended up getting a 5000 Sustain. I have to admit the reel looks pretty nice with the black finish and is very smooth, but whats the go with the play in the gearing. Initially i thought it was play in the handle but took it back to the shop and showed them and they said the play is just the gearing and assured me it is normal. I wasn't convinced so the bloke pulled out another brand new 5000 sustain and let me play with it and it had the same play in the gearing. I also emailed Shimano and they said some play is normal.


Does anyone else own a sustain FG 5000 and have the forward/backwards play in the handle from the gearing ???

Easiest way to test if you have the play is to hold the rotor so it doesnt move and then move the handle forwards and backwards. A mate of mine has a couple of the new Stradics and reckons they have the play also.


Also i've got a Xzoga taka si 6012 with a new 3000 Caldia which is a awesome demersal jigging combo but i'm going to buy the Xzoga taka si 6013 aswell. I was thinking about buying a 6000 Sustain spool and putting as much Pe3 on it as i can. So then the Sustain can then be used on the T curve for chasing snapper running 15lb braid and then i can bolt it onto the Xzoga and swap the spool over to the 6000 spool with the Pe3 for jigging. Anyone know for sure if the 6000 Sustain FG spool will fit on the 5000 Sustain FG, and how much does a spare spool cost roughly.



cheers tim


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Sustain FG

Wed, 2012-09-05 19:19

 Yeah mate, got the 5000 too.  Def a bit of play in the gears. Wasn't sure if that was normal either.  My FI Stradic is tighter.  Doesn't affect the reel in any way that I've noticed, but Ididnt expect to have that much play in a reasonably good reel such as the Sustain.  Another thing to watch for is the rotor lock nut.  Mine came loose after a day of jigging.  Tightened it back up, and all sweet.  My FI Stradic has a little locking plate to prevent the lock nut from coming loose.  Don't build em like they used to hey!

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 Have you fished with it yet

Wed, 2012-09-05 19:35


Have you fished with it yet mate?

Probably wont notice it much when you actually fish with it.

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Wed, 2012-09-05 19:49

Its funny that isnt it! I had taken a Saragosa 6000 a few years back now to Exmouth and gave it a mild workout, near the end of the 8 day trip the internals let go- took it back to where I purchased the reel and was sent away and repaired, Its a harsh reality when you have to pay 500-1000 bucks these days to get a quality product off the shelf spinning freely and long lasting...


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I pack my reels with extra

Wed, 2012-09-05 20:02

I pack my reels with extra grease in case they get dunked, can 'mask' any slight play a reel might have, never guna be a bad thing for it, like schecky said, prob wont notice. Im a daiwa man and was seriously considering a 5000 fg and 40 lb for my 64cj, its the power knob that got me.


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Sustain FG

Wed, 2012-09-05 21:21

 This little baby feels pretty good to me, i guess i have used crap reels in the past, BUT i love this little spin reel, having used bigger baitrunning reels in the past for bait and baitcasters for lures, this felt great to deep jig (90m) and or flick around a lure ( in the open ) if necessary. Another member of this site who also owns one of these reels recommended the sustain 5 to me when they were on special at a large tackle shop in Perth. To be honest it hasn't been *fully sik* just yet, but have had 14kg mulloway testing the drag and it is smooth as.

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 i have a 4000fg and run 15lb

Wed, 2012-09-05 21:38

 i have a 4000fg and run 15lb braid, after catching 2 rat sambos i hooked a 3rd and on its first run the drag knob decided it wanted turn with the spool, therefore tightening by itself and the braid eventually busted off at the reel. im very dissapointed that the reel performed like that on its first outing, i havnt had a chance to send it back yet. i wonder what shimano will say.

any thoughts?

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I've used the 5000 and it has

Wed, 2012-09-05 23:48

I've used the 5000 and it has performed very well. Landed very good fish and cut well above its weight. Found the drag more than ample running 20lb. Friend also uses a 10000 and that has stopped countless good Sambos out deep around the Derwent and barges.




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No a 6000 spool doesnt fit

Thu, 2012-09-06 00:35

No a 6000 spool doesnt fit the 5000, the 5 and 4 share the same body the 6 and 10000 share the same body

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I have the 3000 stradic and

Thu, 2012-09-06 05:32

I have the 3000 stradic and the 4000 sustain. Both have a little play in the handles. Both have landed a fair few good fish.

The little stradic on my plastics rod has been going for 4 years without service from new. It's been nearly spooled by sambo's a good few times , amongst many other fish.  It's still going great.

The sustain is on my Jigger and is my most used reel. (it replaced a 4000 stradic that the aftermarket knob sheared off)  I wouldn't let it worry you.

Just get out there and give it a flogging.


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Sounds like i need to stop

Thu, 2012-09-06 18:19

Sounds like i need to stop being a fussy prick and just use the reel. At least i know the play is normal now 



cheers tim


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