Tailor not a nibble

Ok so Ive bought myself a 12 foot surf combo and a selection of poppers and slices.
I had a crack at Burns admittedly at the wrong time of day over lunch time last week. Targeting Taylor by walking plenty of beach throwing between all the reefy outcrops into white water and not a nibble for 4 hours.

I know this is the game but have you any other recommendations on how to catch a taylor or two on kures. Retrieval of lure speed, size and colour of lure. I tried a silver and blue and a green maniac 45 gram slice and a white with red head 30g popper.

I just found the onshore wind a bit of a pain. Still managing about 40 - 50 m casts. Need to try again at dusk but any advice would be great.

Many thanks

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do you flick lures with your

Sun, 2013-01-06 07:31

do you flick lures with your beach rod? i have a 9ft starlo stix beach flicky and use 30g gold halco twisties. does the job.

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Hey Neo, I think the key to

Sun, 2013-01-06 11:01

Hey Neo,


I think the key to tailor is finding where the fish are. If you are on the beach putting a lure around gutters then you only have a chance at getting them as they come by. I generally try to find where they might be holding up. This way you can put several casts over the area with a couple of lures before moving on if there is no action. Also look for headland where you can pull your lure parallel to the gutters so you remain in the strike zone longer. Rips are another good target and I would throw a lure just of to the side in the cleaner water.


I'm also of the opinion that time of day makes a huge difference. If you go for a swim during the middle of the day the fish seem to disappear (actually well camoflaged) but swim at sun up or sun down and you will see the reflections of there sides. Hence the gold colour lures seem to work well at that time. As far as size of lure and speed of retrival I just experiment to find what works on the day. I haven't found one sure fire way of getting tailor every trip out but I'm trying.


BTW I'm not the best but I hope this helps. I caught a stonker (50cm) by chance on my first time and now realise that there is a bit more to it. Just experiment and have fun.






PS 12 foot rod sounds like hard work.....



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12ft popper casting!

Sun, 2013-01-06 13:30

you must be a keen marine for a tailor with a 12ft surf combo!

try a richter plug! always does the trick for me and you can fire it out a good 60-70m

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The plugs fly like a rocket !

Sun, 2013-01-06 23:44

The plugs fly like a rocket !