Tow Rigs!

What does Everyone use to tow their boats?

This is what I use to tow mine!

If you had a choice, what would be your next tow rig!

This would be my next tow rig if expense were no consideration !


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Mon, 2006-05-29 21:05

Lol, thats just ridiculous. Must say it does look pretty mean, wouldn't like it pulling up on my tail thats for sure.

One of the rigs we use.
[img_assist|fid=437|thumb=1|alt=The Rig]


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hey flywest is that a diesel

Tue, 2006-05-30 16:49

hey flywest is that a diesel u tow with?

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Tue, 2006-05-30 19:47

Yes Bolts, it's a 4.2 turbo diesel cruiser with the hayman reece 3.5 tonne 2 inch solid steel drawbar hitch, 70 Mm towball, load levellers, and vacuum assist disc breaks on both axels!!

It barely drags the damned thing much above 75km/hr, 80km/hr downhill with a tailwind!

I'm thinking of upgrading to a F250/F350 or something similar with the 7.3 powerstroke diesel!

Theres a couple (below) second hand ones, at the local Ford dealer, but they are both horribly expensive, and with the cost of fuel, the thought of running them is scaring me!

I was just curious what others with heavey boats use.

Another option for me might be to have one of the 6.5 litre Brunswick v8 turbo diesels dropped into the cruiser - but she's getting a little long in the tooth to be investing that sort of $ into right now!

Additionally (if cost were no consideration, which it definitely is) I could cut the cab off behind the seats, and install one of these 6wd conversions and a full sized flatbed cruiser ute tray!

No matter which way you turn - all the "solutions" are pretty expensive!

Anyone with a better idea feel free to chip in!

Maybe a semi prime mover! ;o)


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Wed, 2006-05-31 08:23

ring the cummins dealer in perth .for an opption to the brunie chev.they offer 300hp in a turbo 6 diesel.with a torque range that will make you sit up straight. they will bolt in as easily as the chev,but heaps more torque.and they say heaps better on fuel ,im lead to believe 30%better on fuel than the chevey.DODGE RAMS RUN THE CUMMINS!!!!!!!!!!
seen a few of the duel axle tojos and f trucks .ive heard you get alot of scuffing on the back tyres due to the the shortness of the viechle .the braking would have to be better though.JMO

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Wed, 2006-05-31 09:17


go the chevy v8 diesel

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Gotimon's Rigs

Wed, 2006-05-31 10:50

Gotimon's Towing Rigs.

[img_assist|fid=23815|thumb=1|alt=Got Im On's Tow rig]

[img_assist|fid=23818|thumb=1|alt=Got Im On's Tow rig]


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Wed, 2006-05-31 15:34

the chevs are good but the tehnology is pre war.the late model cummins are much more state of the art.its like conpareing an old 2 stroke OB to a verado or etec or smooth running fuel efficeint 4 strokes.a lot more bang for ya buck !!!!!!!!!!!!JMO ide like a chev dont get me wrong as long as it came with a fuel card
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Wed, 2006-05-31 17:17

So just who in Perth is this Cummins dealer that will stick a 6 cyl 300 Hp Turbo Cummins in my cruiser?

I tried ringing round today and a Cummins place sent me to Perth 4wd who sent me to Hino & Isuzu trucks, and basically I just did a John Wayne! (Alright you pilgrims - lets git them waggons in a circle!, Two Mules for Sister Sarah!) ;o)

Like the extinct oozulum bird - if I'd a kept going I'd a dissapeared up my own metaphoric exhaust pipe!

So anyone actually know who to contact?

The Naturally aspirated 6.5 Chev only produces about 170hp

The 4.2 Turbo Toyota suposedly already produces about 150hp (according to one of the 4wd places)

I'm told if I stick a Safari intercooler (3k) onto the cruiser with a 3 inch straight thru exhaust that will lift it by about 20 hp to the same 170 hp as the 6.5 naturally aspirated Brunswick chev v8 diesel!

If a turbo is put on the 6.5 Chev however, I think it goes to something like 230 hp?

However - you can't apparently put a intercooler onto the Chevy least I can't find anyone that can!


Maybe a Cummins 6 cyl intercooled turbo putting out 300 hp and fitted with the 6 wd rear end would have a GVM sufficient to be able to tow the 3.5 tonne boat & trailer more comfortably?

Failing this or a Big Ford F trcuk - I am left with the Hino, Iveco Mitsubishi 4wd Dual Cab truck option.

A brand spanking new 4wd, 5-7 tonne dual cab chassis truck is under $100K new - which is what Ford want for their F 250's!

It just shows you how overpriced the Ford product is!

The fords are only available in automatic transmission, which are renowned for failure if you actually tow anything with them - and there are few spare parts available - even simple things like a radiator hose are a 2 week wait while they import them from the USA!

You would think someone in Aus would start to build a decent towing rig for big boats caravans and 5th wheel horse floats etc!

There would have to be a big market!

Whats wrong with the OKA people? - you get some tiny pizzant 4 cyl diesel wouldn't pull the skin off a rice pudding!

I truly worry about this country!

Gimme a Cat C12 730 HP engine in a 4 door pickup with a full tray, long range tanks and twin leg burners ending in stacks behind the cab!!


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Thu, 2006-06-01 12:51

well where do you get this cummins?
at the momment im getting my 4.2lt tojo diesel, recond ,5k later.the motor was removed from my car and sent to perth.the mechanic that removed the motor is actually the brunie chev rep in town .he was the one to tell me about the cummins conversion.hes had 2 chevy tojos in the past and reckons his next conversion will be a cummins due to the torque factor.i rang him this morning trying to pinpoint who does them.well all he could tell me was a 'guy in panawonica does them.great if you live in the pilbra.he also said to get on the net and do a search for the main cummins reps in perth and was pretty definate that it is happening in perth .apparently theres only a small panel job around the firewall gear box well and in they could also ring the cummins guy in kalgoolie .apparently there mobile fitters who do alot of traveling between mine sites have done a few on there work tojos
hope it helps
just so you can have alook at the specs on these motors .do a search on the dodge rams .300hp its all there

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F Trucks

Thu, 2006-06-01 17:33

Those F truck auto transmissions are to the best of my knowledge fully electronic shift jobbies . i have seen two in the past that got a little bit wet in the wrong spot and good night nurse nothing happens except some massive towing fees depending on where you are , one of these was at Steep Point didn`t like the saltwater splash getting on the dirk barge . Every other form of 4wd auto and manual had no problem . i am no expert but not the sort of bus i would want to take across a creek or use for beach launching.