Trailer maintenance

Doing some major maintenance on my trailer and decided to share some of my experiences so far

First, further to a recent post about removing stuck pistons, a picture showing my setup in action

Next, my reasons for never buyong anything galvanised if stainless is available. I have had the slides that stuck that only an oxy torch could remove them resulting in their destruction anyway


This picture shows the stainless slide completely clean and ready to be re-inserted wheras the non stainless was rusted and partly stuck. Was difficult to remove and will have to be sanded clean and the bore will have to be cleaned and honed

Lastly the moving part of the slide

This picture shows the moving arm and the seal grove which will have to be completelycleaned and sanded to make it servicable.

After the last few years of trailer maintenance I would strongly recommend anyone buying a new trailer to spend the extra $$$ and go stainless.

Hope article not too long and boring




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