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Well just got back on Saturday evening from a 6 day trip of which 4 days were fishing/spearing.  I was the only one fishing and 5 mates were spearfishing so had the boat to myself pretty much all day.

The first day was the best for me starting out with a PB coral trout at 4.5kg's on a 150g jig. We were working a drop off from 35m-70m so I decided to pull out the popping gear in hope of a doggie or marauding GT. Well on my second cast the water explodes and my popper is heading to the depths at a rate of knots. The skipper and deckie call doggie so the excitement builds, I had the drag near full on my Saltiga 5000H and it was peeling line at will. The guys in the water are all cheering cause they can see me virtually laying on the floor putting pressure on the fish.

After 4-5 massive runs one of my mates surfaces and delivers the bad news, SHARK, my heart dropped and from then it was just a case of trying to save my popper. Took about 20 min and I landed a 45-50 kilo silver tip shark. I was disappointed but the crew were ecstatic, saying they'd never seen a shark take a popper before.
over the next hour or two, trout after trout came up and a really nice blue spot trevally  around 5 kilo came aboard and then the call was made to hit a point opposite Haat island.

We pulled up and the spearo's were deployed and instantly "doggie" rang out as the guys saw packs of them lurking on the bottom (like cows was the one description). I took the light jigging gear out, cause it was only 40m, and dropped a 150 knife jig down and within the 6 jigs I came up solid, then a pause of about 3 seconds before the doggie realised it was hooked and then hell broke out when it turned for the reef. The line started to peel off and I counted 15m of line before I managed to stop the run and get its head turned. This went on for about 10 minutes before the doggie was boated.

By this time I was pretty shattered and my arms were still aching from the shark before when the skipper calls for another doggie, reluctantly I dropped the jig over again, half expecting nothing to happen, well once the jig hit the bottom I had about 4 seconds before all hell broke loose again and my drag was screaming, arms burning and legs shaking. The first run must have lasted about 50m all along the bottom, how I never got bust off on the coral still amazes me but I survived the first run so I was in with a good chance. This fight lasted 20-25 minutes. I was so shattered I had to pull up with my right hand, then swap hands so I could wind down with my right hand to. by the end my fingers were cramping upand the sweat was pooring off my face and down my legs. It ran me into the deeper water around 70m and then into the shallows at 20m, how I never got sharked also puzzles me.

Eventually colour was seen and a decent size doggie could be seen. My heart almost stopped when the first gaff shot was missed and the fish took another run, thankfully only a short one, the second shot hit the mark and the doggie was boated, 19.2 kilo or 42lbs on PE3, Daiwa Catalina 4000 and a Xzoga 6013 taka rod with 100lbs leader. I was done and dusted for the day and could hardly pick my arms up.

Over the next 3 days I pretty much dedicated to popping for a doggie and GT but came up with nothing, being bust off twice on the coral when putting poppers in over the shallows on a run out tide, one being a GT around 15 kilo. Loads of trout, some Barracuda around 1m.

All up it was a great trip with an excellent bunch of guys. Next time we'll head to the outer islands on a live aboard rather than staying in Port Villa. The spearo's managed to land only 2 doggies at 8 and 14 kilo but lost heaps to sharks. One of the guys was dragged from 25m to about 35m when his hand got caught in the 400lbs mono on this spear, thankfully the line snapped and ripped his glove off or things could have ended badly for him. The doggie was lost to the sharks to.
This is the last 5 min of the fight


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Hell yeah thats the sort of

Fri, 2013-05-17 13:26

Hell yeah thats the sort of fishing i would have prefered doing a couple of weeks ago when i was over in Port Villa on holiday with my family. I ended up going trolling around the FAD using stupidly heavy marlin gear and caught a couple of bait size skipjack and a yellowfin maybe around 5kg's. We did get a nice aerial strike from a good size marlin and a dollie but the hooks didn't stick.

Is that "wild blue" from Nautilus Watersports your fishing on ?

Its good to know what my Xzoga 6013 and 4500 saltiga is capable of pulling in haha, damn your running some drag pressure over the rod

What pe you running, looks like monster battle.

If you dont mind me asking where did you fellas stay on the island ???


talk soon


cheers tim



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Hey tim Been a whileYeah man

Fri, 2013-05-17 13:52

Hey tim

Been a while

Yeah man you got it, we're on Wild Blue and actually we stayed at Nautalis for the whole trip, they have a bunk house with beds for 8 people. There was 6 of us and it was perfect for us. We're use to staying on a 5.5m boat for 3 days with 3 of us so this was luxury.

Man I love my Xzoga 6013 and Catalina combo, was using PE3 on that spool but have PE2 and have managed a 12 kilo AJ in 70m on that .

I think I was at about 95% of the rods capability on that fish and the drag was about 6.999999999 kilo out of the 7 available and the fish could still run when it wanted to. You can see I'm holding the spool to lift the fish and when it runs I just drop it.

How's the jigging been around here?

O did you have Sammi as your skipper, he was a good laugh and put us on some good spots but some days I just couldn't stop the fish before the reef came up or get the hooks set nicely

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Yeah thought it was "wild

Fri, 2013-05-17 17:37

Yeah thought it was "wild blue" by the pic's. My dad has been on that boat a few times and stayed in the bunk house. When i was over there with the family we stayed on Iririki Island and had the maddest view from the balcony spa. I didn't go with Nautilus mate i went with Mitch Clements from Harbour Fishing Charters, he runs out of Mele Bay. The xzoga rods are definately good rods for the price, i've got the 6012 and the 6013.

I've been out bugger all this year so far but managed a couple of fish on Anzac day off North Straddie on a 40g Ima Gun and a 45g or 55g Jigging Master Fallings.

I took my GoPro to Vanuatu and got some cool footage, check out my channel mate


cheers tim



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yewww awesome

Sat, 2013-05-18 20:47

yewww awesome

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Nice read. I love the second

Mon, 2013-06-03 07:45

Nice read. I love the second photo of the doggie.