Vote for my mate to host Topgear Aust

Some of you who have been into drag racing will know my good mate Simon Travaglini.

Used to race 15+ yrs ago with a ford capri with a 351 also a ford cortina with a 351 with blitzd on the plates aswell as more recent with a red 240z with a 400 small block featured many times in the fat pizza series.

He also had alot to do with the prodution and behind the scenes of fat pizza and is currently flying east very soon to do a new series called "The courier".

If any of you know him you all will know he is a funny character and with his big nose would make a wicked host for topgear australia

Please vote for "Simon GONZO Travaglini"

Click link below.........

He is currently racing this sik as 799.6hp XY 9.03 @ 152mph  

Cheers Guys!!!


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