What is the best lures for marlin and jigs for the monte bello islands

Hey guys i am going to the monte bello islands twice in 2012 july and september what are the best lures for marlin and the best jigs to buy?

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Cheap ones

Fri, 2011-12-09 11:14

If you're fishing deep I'd stick with cheaper jigs, you'd be amazed how many you lose to macks and bities.  Last year we took up some of the cheap SW Lab, Zest and R2S jigs and they were fine.

Some more discussion here too...


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Best to buy -

Fri, 2011-12-09 11:43

For Marlin, the Richter range is awesome and not only a big seller for us thats what we use upnorth. Richter versions like the Jnr Oscar, Soft Grassy, Soft Oscar, Big Eye, Splash etc are some of the standouts for us.


For demersals, baitfish jigs like JFLab, SWLab & Eupro work well and dont blow the budget. Daiwa Pirage jigs & Eupro Pirage jigs work well on the bottom fish up their. Last but not least take a descent selection of softplastics, we use the McArthy brand alot and rate them highly especially for demersals. The McArthy 7inch Bullhead minnow & the 6inch Paddle are ideal, matched with some heavy duty McArthy/Pristine jig heads & away you go.


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Look at my post Koks Marlin

Fri, 2011-12-09 12:31

A spoon lure by the look of things lol.

I would use pushers like Richter (Pink, Dark Purple, Lumo etc) or if you need or can afford it then the Paukula Range. Jigs, Zests, R2Sea etc, plastics McCarthy

Up there you could almost throw a Aluminium AFoil overboard and you will do well.

Good luck it will be a great trip no matter what you catch.

Nice Emperor Ryan on plastics, yet to catch one on plastics, squid bait is the killer


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Best Value

Mon, 2011-12-12 10:00

 I have been a couple of times and agree with the above. We got the majority of marlin strikes on the Richter soft grassy in the deep purple but worth taking pink and green.

 Plenty of hits on cheap jigs like the halco twisty jig range which cost around $12- you will lose a heap of them, but also worth taking some Maria Bull Chop stick baits- plenty of GT and macky action with these


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Yeah I second that re poppers

Mon, 2011-12-12 15:44

Yeah I second that re poppers / stickbaits for macks.

If you nail a mack while trolling then start casting around for some wicked topwater strikes.

If I get around to it later tonight I'll post some footage from our trip last year.