What lb line for ballooning for mackrel

 Hey Team,


Just looking to condense a bit of gear I've collected over the years that isn't being used so much. The thing is I still want the options, so I trying to have combos covering multiple tasks.

At the moment I've got a trinidad 30 with 30lb braid backing and a mono topshit on a poseidon 5 piece. It's probably around 650m (500m of braid). This is used as one of my primary beach reels and will stay in the collection.

I also have a Tyrnos 30 with 80lb braid and mono topshot on a live fibre 24kg LBG rod. It hasn't recieved as much use as I hoped for so it is on the short list. I know it was overkill for mackrel but was also used to target larger fish.


So, in your opinions will 30lb be sufficient for mackrel on a balloon? I'd probably prefer 50lb but am not sure how much the trinidad will hold and then there is just the issue of buy more line etc while trying to free up some cash.

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 Depends on location you wish

Sat, 2018-05-12 18:05

 Depends on location you wish to balloon mate. For places like steep,quobba, dirks etc you want the heavier line class to beat the sharks. 

For places from Perth to Kalbarri the trinidad with 30lb will be fine. 

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 I balloon with my sliding

Sun, 2018-05-13 08:30

 I balloon with my sliding combo. Invest in some good line. What 30lb are you using? I'm running pe3 tasline backing (50lb 600m) and 200m of suffix xl strong (.55 50lb) and it's been fine.

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 Thanks for the feedback

Wed, 2018-05-16 18:18

 Thanks for the feedback gents.

I've got 30lb J braid on the trini at the moment but will upgrade to tasline when I get a chance.