Whittley boats

 Hi All


Any members got a Whittley?

What model and size do you have?

Inboard or outboard?

What do you love or hate about it?





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 Had a SL26 sold it 2 years

Wed, 2020-11-04 08:17

 Had a SL26 sold it 2 years ago , loved it awsome ride , decent build quality (seen better and worse) , well laid out for fishing with enough room to overnight at rotto with family , a bit lighter on the fiberglass than my previous seafarer if I had to be picky. Had a 250 suzuki that was perfectly matched to it very economical and cruised any where from 20knts to 28knts flat out 40knts.

I would have one again and really cant stress enough how good the ride was but you do pay for it a little in at rest stability it would rock a little more than other boats similar due to 24deg hull.

Hope this helps 

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 Have a Clearwater 2150 /225

Wed, 2020-11-04 15:01

 Have a Clearwater 2150 /225 Honda 

Extremely stable boat at rest or anchor but is a bit of a pig thru the water, not unsafe at all but certainly doesn't ride very well at all. Does the job still.

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Thu, 2020-11-05 06:56

I have the same boat as scotte above, a 2150 Whittley Clearwater, although mine only has a 140 suzuki.


coming from a (slightly smaller) caribbean, I wasnt a fan at first, but I have actually really grown to love this boat. admittingly my fishing style has changed a bit over the last few years with the kids coming into the picture a bit more,  It handles perth chop OK, and really is a great family boat. we regularly do overnighters to rotto/skyshow/GI, etc, and recently did a few days over at Dirk Hartog, with all the camping gear required. she handled it beautifully, and even punching back to Denham into a 18 knot south easterly head wind, did sat on 18-20 knots the whole way whilst the kids slept in the cab for the whole 2 hour trip back. 



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 I had a Voyager 580 in

Fri, 2020-11-06 14:14

 I had a Voyager 580 in 2007/08 with a 3 litre Mercruiser. It was a family not a fishing boat but we did catch some nice fish from it. It is for sale at the moment and looks like the years have been kind to it as it still loooks bloody nice! For me the build quality is good and that was a nice handling boat too.

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Fri, 2020-11-06 17:18

Thx for the feedback