Why waste Dhufish? Recipe for minimzing waste.

I really love chasing and eating fish. One down side is the amount of waste we produce by consuming the larger of the species. There is nothing more stunning than a 13kg and upwards of prime Dhufish (most species but Dhuey's are my poisen) hitting the deck, but to sacrifice this for the family table puts a sense of guilt in me. So now I only throw away the fins and skin (I am going to try the fillets with the skin on next). Anyway here is a Dhufish stock that I make (for another recipe). One thing I have to add is that most find Dhufish quite delicate in flavour, if so this is how you can concentrate the flavour. It is very easy and healthy, but please bare with me as you have to make this stock first to get to the finished product. All large species can be done like this.

Dhufish Pasta;


Dhufish Stock ingredient's:

2 Dhufish frames cut to fit pot (filleted, de-headed,gutted and finned. do not wash!)

1 cup of white wine

Hand full of Parsey stalks (don't use the leaves)

1 whole medium onion (do not cut up)

5 cloves (push these into the onion)

2 Celery stalks

2 carrots (sliced and unpeeled)

2 Parsnips (sliced and unpeeled)

2 Swede (sliced)

2 tablespoons of rock salt

2 teaspoon of pepper (whatever floats the boat)

Water from the ocean (enough to fill the pot)

Dhufish Stock directions:

Rapidly boil the water in large pot with salt.

Once salt is dilluted add the rest of the ingredients (the water will come off the boil this is good).

DO NOT LET THE WATER BOIL AGAIN as this will make your stock cloudy, just let it slowly simmer.

While this is simmering you will see "scum bubbles and a huge amount of oil appear, scoop this off if you want. (I do)

Now you can cook this for as long as you want but do not let it boil. (I cook it for 4 hours)

Once you are satisfied with the product remove all the ingredients and strain through a clean tea towel (or if your flash through cheese cloth)

Put into 500ml-1L containers and freeze.

I will post the final recipe in a sec.










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Mon, 2009-03-23 17:35


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Great idea

Mon, 2009-03-23 19:44

With the pressure on all species, especially in metro waters, I like your approach.  Thanks for the detailed recipe and instructions.  I will give that a go on my next sizeable fish.

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Check out the follow on from

Mon, 2009-03-23 19:59

Check out the follow on from this recipe Dhufish Pasta

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Put some olive oil on the

Tue, 2009-03-24 16:36

Put some olive oil on the barbie and cook the wings and the frame. Pull the meat out of the frame with a fork. The spine is quite wide so plenty comes off it.

Oh, and give the gonads to fisheries for research into their growth etc. 


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If you cook it for 4 hrs I

Mon, 2010-12-06 08:05

If you cook it for 4 hrs I reckon it would stink.

I make soup out of the head and skeleton and the best way I was told was to place the head/skeleton in cold water and bring it to the boil.

Once it reaches boiling point remove all the meat from the head and skeleton.

Make your soup as you normally would ( I use new water) and about 1 min before you are about to serve it throw in the Dhui meat.

The soup is not overpowered with fish and is very good to eat.

The wings i marinate with garlic/salt/pepper and put them straight on the barbie. I reckon the wings are the best part of any fish.

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mm bbq wings also Andy Mac

Mon, 2010-12-06 09:50

mm bbq wings also Andy Mac has posted a realy helpful video on how to get the wings of no fuss for anyone wanting to do this


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