XD100 alternative

Wondering if anyone has used this stuff as a replacement for XD100 in an evinrude etec. Both the manufacturers and the Aus distributor (BLA) claim it's fine and Sierra seems to be pretty proud to add it won't void manufacturers warranty and their warranty is able to back their product. While evinrude say only to use XD100from what research has shown is that chemically it's as close to XD100 as possible. I also found Amsoil HD used in an experiment for 500+  hours use in a marine towing application in one of two outboards. The second on XD100. After dismantling the engine the results were very promising. Wondering if anyone has tried it here?www.boathardware.com.au/sierra-full-synthetic-tc-w3-2-cycle-marine-engine



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 Plenty of info on this

Thu, 2020-04-02 12:19

 Plenty of info on this subject on etecownersgroup.com


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Thu, 2020-04-02 15:59

 It's more expensive so why change?


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 Purely because in my local

Thu, 2020-04-02 19:01

 Purely because in my local area XD100 isn't available and requires an hours driving to get there and back to the nearest dealer plus their customer service is shit, or a nearer place it is selling just the oil for almost $100 a gallon for XD100 which is heaps more expensive than the Sierra stuff. Getting a bottle of Sierra has covered me for the short term. To be honest considering the poor support down here for them, buying an etec wasn't a real clever move at the time. It's been a good motor but to get decent service and customer support I have to drive to Perth. I do minor basic work on it myself now it's out of warranty. Stoopid Coronavirus has put a halt on a new 90 merc command thrust sadly.



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 Get a tech to switch your

Fri, 2020-04-03 18:09

 Get a tech to switch your motor over to 50/1. Then you can run any oil safely. 

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Those engines are quite high

Thu, 2020-04-02 19:40

Those engines are quite high tech. I wouldn’t use anything other than the xd100 or you will risk substantial carbon build up then something will go bang 

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 They go bang anyway lol

Fri, 2020-04-03 19:35

 They go bang anyway lol