Yak Fishing in Lane Poole District 2017

 G'Day, Wonder what the situation is like these days in the Lane Poole Reserve for throwing in a Yak and checking out the fishing, been years since I have been down there, so would be interested in best access points and any aquatic activity.  The area used to show up a few trout and Marron and plenty of Redfin Perch.  Many of these areas have deteriorated over recent years with environmental damage by vehicles etc, often making passage of a family car and trailer impossible.  Much like Waroona dam which has been virtually empty for a very long time.   I have maintained my FW licence continuously as we sometimes nip down to Albany occasionally and other distance placed locations from Perth, plus part of the licence fees do good work in supporting recreational fishing anyway  :)


Cheers Dave 


 Watch this space.

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There's heaps of spots from

Thu, 2017-09-21 16:19

There's heaps of spots from the well developed areas like Baden Powel & Stringers camp sites through to how adventurous are you? Theres multiple access points along the Murray River Fireline trail right down to the bridge on Driver Road. There are lots of easy access spots along Harvey-Quindanning Road starting about 30 minutes drive east of Harvey as well.