Z-Tread vs Octogrip

 I'm probably going to complete covering the deck on the Reefrunner this year. I left it standard when I launched, as it was something I could do later with no reworking if needed. The starboard hatches between the seats were very hard to keep clean, so I covered them in Z-tread. With the leftover, I also covered the livewell lid in the transom, where people tend to stand, the moulded footrests, and put a couple of patches on the sloping slippery bit in front of the windscreen for people to safely climb up top. So I am sort-of committed to continuing with Z-Tread if I  want to complete the whole deck. 

I haven't had any problems keeping the white deck looking good so far--long handled scrubbing brush with truckwash, gets most of it off, and Domestos ,lightly applied and scrubbed in gets the rest. Any one who knows me, knows I treat this thing hard--it's had multiple trips into Tamala, not to mention 3 trips so far into Winderabandi. It goes into the water filthy, gets a saltwater clean, fished hard for a month or so, then back over the dirt road again. 600 hours of engine time in just over 2 years. To add to it, this year I continued onto Exmouth, and used it up there for about 12 days. I was lucky to score a berth in the canals, which let me avoid the school holiday ramps insanity, but then you are treading red pindan into everything. 

Just about to go down, unload everything, then start cleaning. I don't really think she will come back perfectly this time, so I may have to finish the deck off with something. My question is this--is Z-tread harder to hose down than Octogrip? Z-tread is a very closed pattern, with no natural drainage lines . Octogrip is a much wider pattern, looks easier to hose. Can anyone with Z-tread comment?