32kg stress test

32kg stress test

Stress test of my assist hook rigging for light jigging.

Hooks: Owner SJ41- 3/0 (rated 30kg)

Line: YGK kevlar, core removed, threaded inside to create loops, no glue


At 32kg, the hooks are still holding, but obviously bent. Line has not slipped even with only 2cm insert and no glue

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Obviously bent! bloody hell

Wed, 2009-02-25 19:07

I would love to see a fish do that. Is this method similar to how you make wind-on leaders?  

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I like those SJ-41's. They

Wed, 2009-02-25 19:08

I like those SJ-41's. They make a good baker rig if you're rigging poppers with singles.

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WODF, at that rating, you'd

Wed, 2009-02-25 20:08

WODF, at that rating, you'd break 60lb braid first. I use these hooks with 20 and 30lb gear, so its plenty strong enough. The test mostly shows that simply inserting the assist within itself, creating a chinese finger trap is actually stronger than the hooks. I do use a drop of glue at the top of the inserted part, but mostly to keep the assist on the split ring, and to stop it slipping when theres no load, but its not needed for strength. This was the setup I was using when I got that 25kg sambo. The 3/0 hook size has caught fish from this to this.

Pretty much the same method as wind on leaders. I run the inserts different lengths and leave a gap in the middle. I can post a guide if you were interested, but its fairly simple.

Theres other ways to rig them, but I like this method as its less bulky, very easy to change hooks/rings, easier to orientate hooks, and obviously strong.


Jay, definately a fan of the hooks (owners in general, and these jigging ones). Have you tried rigging any GT poppers like that? (SJ51's might make more sense). I wonder how twin offsets would work?




Always interested in someone to go fishing with

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SJ51's are a bit bulky when

Wed, 2009-02-25 21:11

SJ51's are a bit bulky when rigging bakers (twin singles off the belly). SJ41's can handle heaps of pressure, like you've demonstrated, and are usually the hook of preference when rigging poppers.

I'll post a pic.