Big Garfish

Big Garfish

Taken a few years ago when i lived in the DEEP south of the USA..

Alligator Garfish (only a small one really )

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Wed, 2010-09-15 11:56

How can i put more than 1 photo up at a time  ?!?!?

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Have you tried using photobucket luke

Wed, 2010-09-15 12:07

Also look under the Tackle Bag area on the right hand side of the page and look under + Photos to FW


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wow imagine putting that

Wed, 2010-09-15 12:08

wow imagine putting that under a ballon at the back of tantabidi

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I cant access Photobucket at Work

Wed, 2010-09-15 12:32

But ill look into it ...

Heres a GATOR i caught on a canadian night crawler ( big ass worm)

It went ape$#!t once it was hooked but didnt really put up much of a fight !! just rolled and rolled till it was all wound up in the braid (made it a little easier to grab for the picture ....


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Mean looking critter

Wed, 2010-09-15 14:49

something like our long toms?


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Are they the Gator

Wed, 2010-09-15 15:49

Are they the Gator Gars???



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Yeh,  there a freshwater

Wed, 2010-09-15 16:12


 there a freshwater species  that grow HUGE...( given the right environment..) as you can see the waterhole that one was caught in was tiny and muddy, so hed be limited to how big he'd grow... not sure if the other picture worked or not ...i only see the red cross in the box..  I also caught a little alligator about 2.5 feet long that afternoon..

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Bloody hell,

Wed, 2010-09-15 16:27

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yeh like i said HUGE

Wed, 2010-09-15 17:02

I couldnt be sure the one in my pic is a baby or another member of the freshwater gar family ..but there were ones in that mud hole over 4 foot long..

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very nice, i used to keep

Wed, 2010-09-15 17:50

very nice, i used to keep spotted and alligator gars in my fish tank at home, the spotted gars only grow up to 2ft which was alrite, but the alligator gars grew to over 3ft in under a year and there full grown size is around 3m so i had to get rid of them and give them to someone who had a larger tank or pond. truly a nice fish, the chomers they have are unreal.