Chain Knot Breaks Jig!

Chain Knot Breaks Jig!

Was mucking around today at work, and manged to break a 140g Haoli Jig while testing my knots. Line used was 55lb.




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Thats some expensive

Sun, 2011-10-30 19:14

Thats some expensive testing,Maybe use sea rocks next time..

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The AG chain knot is very

Fri, 2011-11-04 19:09

The AG chain knot is very strong. With my own testing it beats a uni-knot almost everytime. (I used two 300gm searocks). But I also found that the palomar knot seemed equally as strong and was far quicker to tie.

When I tested with swivels I found that thicker swivel-loops = better knot strength. Shogun brand swivels would deform badly way below their stated breaking strength too. I found AFW swivels were MUCH stronger and had thicker loop ends for better knot strength too.




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Poor jig. Why would you use a

Mon, 2011-10-31 15:00

Poor jig. Why would you use a jig for testing thoug? Do you tie the line direct to the jig normally?


The chain knot may be stronger than the uni but I still use the uni. Most of the time my main line is less than 75% of the leader, so the leader knot only needs to be good not perfect. Having a 100% and a 80% knot in 100lb leader doesnt matter much if you're fishing 50lb line thats going to snap first. Its like having a massive, strong end link on a chain, but a weaker one up midway anyways. If the weakest link is much below your strongest, then the strongest doesnt make any difference. Why spend heaps of time on a knot that doesnt get tested that hard? Just go a quick decent uni or palomar (as long as its a reasonable percentage above your weakest link).

Depending what i'm doing I prefer the leader to snap just before the main line anyways. Much prefer getting back a leader than a braid end. You're still always fishing to your mainline anyways. Braid to leader knot should always be as close to 100% as you can get though (otherwise you're not fishing to your mainline).

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No, I don't tie straight to

Mon, 2011-10-31 17:21

No, I don't tie straight to the jig... this was using a simple old test... knot v knot, where jigs are used to hold onto...


As you would know hlokk, lighter is always better. For MANY reasons!


Better knots allow you fish lighter, and when your jigging, I don't think anyone is capable of producing enough pressure to break a mainline...






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 Reviving an old thread here

Tue, 2014-12-30 21:45

 Reviving an old thread here but I agree with John, anyone have any updated comments on this knots. Thanks.