Chowder (with Bass Groper)

Chowder (with Bass Groper)

Might need a top up, thatw as my last pack of frozen BG =(

Great way to cook the BG, just to let it poach in the soup which was made from dolly stock!


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OK Till, got my wife looking

Wed, 2012-04-25 10:22

OK Till, got my wife looking over my shoulder wanting the you have it so I can try to reproduce your master piece.........please


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Ahh again this one was pretty

Wed, 2012-04-25 17:42

Ahh again this one was pretty freestyle.

First I fried off a little chopped bacon, then tipped it out of the pan, then I fried off a bunch of onions, but just to glassy, tipped them out of the pan, next same again with some diced potatoes, too about half cooked.

In another pan I had about a litre of dolly stock going, I brought it to a simmer, then dropped in the potatoes to finish off, along with some marjoram and a little cayenne pepper. Right at the end I toss in the bacon and onion to warm thru and dropped in the diced fish in 1" chunks and let it gently cook thru. That way you can appreciate the texture of the bass groper.

Add some cream if you have it, then serve!