flying dutchfisherman's tuna

flying dutchfisherman's tuna

 the flying dutchfisherman made it to Darwin for a landbased fish and i managed to catch up with him at Mandorah jetty.

after a few dropped fish and some missed gaff shots he managed this nice northern longtail with a good run and some close calls around the oyster encrusted pylons not to mention the tangled gaff rope around his main line it made for an exciting fight,

just like  a backpacker he's staying the night on the jetty trying for a jewfish, good luck to him :) I went home

cheers to you Boris and I hope you get some fish in Canada


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Mandorah tuna

Tue, 2012-07-03 08:30

Hey Syd! Was good to catch up with a local who is also on this forums!

This tuna deffenly made my trip complete! After you leaving back home I hooked to a big mack but he swallowed my whole trace so I lost him :( Anywayz I still managed a few big queenies and a smal mackie :)

Hope to catch up with u again and maybe next time in Exmouth for some Gt popping;)


Cheers mate